E3 2015: Dan Tudge explains the roll of the DM in Sword Coast Legends [video]

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Dan Tudge Sword Coast Legends

This was our second visit with Dan Tudge—president/director of Sword Coast Legends—at E3 in Los Angeles this week. During our first, I played through a mission of the forthcoming game, working with other gaming journalists to complete a quest created by the game’s Dungeon Master for our demo. It was tough, but we prevailed, and this new RPG set in the lush and vibrant world of the Forgotten Realms, stuck with me throughout the show.

As such, we caught Dan again on the last day of e3 2015 to further explore the added twist of including a Dungeon Master in this new Advanced Dungeons & Dragons game, and how he not only gets to set up quests to share online, but can actively participate, as well.

Sword Coast Legends is now ready for pre-order at $34.99 (limited time), and Digital Deluxe and Collectors editions will be available for $59.99 and $239.99 respectively (extra goodies versions). For more information, visit

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