E3 2015 game profile: Ace of Arenas for iOS and Android

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Now that we’re a week behind the opening of E3 2015, it’s time to take a dedicated look at some of the more impressive titles we demoed on the show floor, starting with Ace of Arenas. This multiplayer online battle arena game from GAEA Mobile combines the real-time strategy and action of PC MOBAs with an interface streamlined for mobile devices.

Ace of Arenas allows players to battle in 1v1, 2v2 or 3v3 showdowns, although there’s also an offline mode in which you take on the AI to hone skills and level up your champions. David Temple and I didn’t worry about skills and levels, we just went at it in 1v1 mode. There’s a huge list of playable champions from which you can choose, and although it makes sense to try out as many as you can, you’ll want to settle in early on one that matches your gameplay style so you can get him or her upgraded and maxed out on talents quickly.

Ace of Arenas

The matches are short—it only took a couple minutes for David to somehow beat me—and there are multiple game modes and win conditions. In our test battle, we had to destroy each other’s base, more less. This was done through our champion and the minions we control, which are handled through a pretty slick system. Check out the bottom right button in the screenshot below:

Ace of Arenas

Swipe up on the sword to target the champion, swiped down to target the minions. When you’re attacking an opponent or his base, minion control is key, as it’s okay to let them die. If your champion dies, there’s a cool down period before he or she can re-enter, leaving your base open to attack. Your champion is not just your key to winning, after all, but is also what brings the uniqueness to each battle due to the variety of abilities learned through the talent tree. You may recognize your opponents’ champions but how they’re used is another matter.

Ace of Arenas will launch as a free-to-play title for iOS and Android devices later this summer. You can keep an eye on its development progress and learn more about its current roster of champions at

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