E3 2015 game profile: Goliath for Mac, PC and Linux

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Imagine you find yourself trapped in another world. You’re not entirely sure how you got there, other than that you tripped through a rift, more or less. Your surroundings are a mysterious mix of city ruins, wrecked pirate ships and space-ships from an unknown future. You seem to be trapped there, and to make matters worse, monstrous giants roam the land.

What do you do in order to survive? You build giants of your own, of course.


That’s your basic premise behind Goliath, an action adventure game coming the three major computer platforms in early 2016. Representatives of developer Whalebox Studio and publisher Viva Media were on hand at E3 2015 to demo the gameplay of Goliath, and we left ready to do some exploring of our own.

I should point out that it’s not just you against the giants in Goliath. There are various factions fighting for control—humans, sentient robots, demons, and forest folk—and you can decide which faction to join. No matter which you go with, it’ll be up to you mine for resources you can use to create your goliaths. You’ll start with simple wood constructions, advancing to stone, metal and other materials found throughout the world. The more you explore, the more you discover and learn, and the easier it’ll be for you to survive.


As you explore, your goliath will follow behind you, helping out when necessary. When it comes time for combat, you can hop inside the goliath and battle away. Together, you’ll be able to explore prairies, forests, swamps and more. Each will feature a dynamic day/night cycle that not only affects what you meet and find along the way, but also how effective your goliaths are in combat. Knowing which to use when is something you’ll have to learn.


Even better, the game world is procedurally generated, so in classic rogue-like fashion it’ll be a different experience each time you play. Of course, you’ll have multiplayer options to keep you going, too. You’ll be able to play through the main campaign with a friend, as well as engage in PvP combat.

Goliath features a vibrant world with plenty to see and do, and it looks to be as much fun to explore as it will be to fight in. Consider it your own personal Narnia or wherever it was that kid went in Where the Wild Things Are, except you won’t be alone when you get there, and you’ll get to build and fight in massive robots. I kind of wish more places were like that.

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