Steve Jobs is a martial arts action hero in “Eve’s Hungry”

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This may shock and amaze you, but I haven’t read any of the Steve Jobs biographies out there. I also haven’t seen any of the movies or TV shows. Should I? As editor of the Technology Tell Apple Channel, is it my responsibility? I don’t think so. It’s nothing against Mr. Jobs himself, I just don’t like biographies. I prefer fiction. If there’s absolutely no chance a book or movie will feature sword fighting skeletons, I don’t see the point.

eve's hungryEve’s Hungry by Mackay Bell may not have sword fighting skeletons, but it does feature Steve Jobs as a secret martial arts action hero, and that’s maybe close enough.

Published by Hyper Geek Press, Eve’s Hungry began as a series of blog posts from 2011 that spoofed a false news story that Steve Jobs was stopped at an airport with ninja shurikens. Building on the premise of Jobs-as-ninja-warrior, the novel takes place in an alternative future where a war between Apple and Google threatens the entire world with nuclear armageddon.

It seems author Mackay Bell—a self-proclaimed life-long Apple fan—somewhat shares my opinion on biographies vs. fiction. “I’ve read all the biographies of Steve Jobs and the histories of Apple. It always seemed that none of them really captured the spirit of what Steve Jobs was trying to do and the heroic struggle of that company. Maybe it’s something that can’t really be fully realized in a non-fiction book. With Eve’s Hungry, I tried to connect on a more emotional level with what it’s like to be an Apple fan feeling there’s a world wide war against Apple, and Steve jobs is the only one we can count on to save the day.”

Set in 2032, during the third Apple/Google world war, “Eve’s Hungry” focuses on the adventures of Doctor Eve Zachara, a personal protege of Steve Jobs. Eve is the Vice President of Apple’s secretive Special Sales Division, a commando unit on the front lines of Apple’s battle against Google’s dark empire. It is a battle between iOS and Android, fought not only over features and updates, but also with tanks, bombs and laser swords. Fighter jets roar over the deserts of Central Asia, machine guns blast in the jungles of Africa and high above the planet vast battles are waged by opposing space fleets.

Eve’s Hungry offers action and adventure, along with some insider humor and depictions of major tech industry players such as Jonathan Ive, Larry Page, Mark Zuckerberg and others.

Eve’s Hungry is now available for Kindle at  As part of a limited time Kindle Countdown promotion, the full length novel, regularly priced at $5.99, will be on sale for only .99 cents from June 30 to July 7th.

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  • Vivian Bronson

    Eve’s Hungry is a very funny book. And actually, there is a lot of sword fighting. Not with skeleton’s, but against robots (including sexy girl robots) and Google stormtroopers. It’s all a lot of fun and Apple fans will love it.