Sandman Alarm Clock will charge multiple devices while you sleep

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Sandman Clock

One of the problems with our modern way of life is we have way too many devices to charge. To address this, Palo Alto Innovation has developed a solution called The Sandman Alarm Clock. More than just an alarm clock, it features four USB ports that allow multiple devices to be charged and ready when you wake.

The device achieves this by organizing the cables into a slot under the the clock, reducing the number of cables that hang from the nightstand. Two of the ports are high speed, capable of 2.1 amps so iPads and other power hungry devices can be charged. The alarm clock itself has a simple 1.8 inch screen that’s easy on the eyes and comes in multiple colors.

“I was tired of always having a dead phone battery, I was constantly swapping which device I was charging. Sandman now prevents that from happening, so there are no more excuses for dead batteries!” said A​lex Tramiel, Founder, Palo Alto Innovation LLC. Tramiel’s vision to have a unified device to charge all your USB devices is coming to fruition. Whether you need a place to charge your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, or any other devices, Sandman Alarm clock will have you covered.

The Sandman Alarm clock has a way to go with its Kickstarter campaign, currently raising just over $10,000 of its $42,565 goal. Pledges as low as $29 will get you a clock, so if you’re interested in doing so (or would just like to learn more), head over to Kickstarter.

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