Apple climbing in notebook market share

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Apple as once again seen a nice increase in notebook market share. Apple had climbed to 14.3% for US based notebook sales this past spring and according to NPD have gone up to 17.6% for June 2007. While this is far from the highest market share it is certainly a nice step for Apple. Based on reports from research firm IDC this is the first time since 1996 that Apple has been this high on the top sellers list.

Currently Apple is sitting in the third spot, Dell and HP are the top two with Gateway and Acer fourth and fifth. Of course with increased notebook sales comes an increase in overall market share, Apple is now at 5.9%, which may sound low to some but that is a 1.1% increase from this time last year. As a long time Mac user its nice to see the Apple getting some much deserved attention.

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