Beware of the “iTunes Fraud”

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Credit Card

No, no, Apple is not stealing your money through its online music store. Rather, it turns out that thieves are beginning to use online services (i.e., iTunes), to test the legitimacy of stolen credit cards. According to The Mail on Sunday, this is referred to as the “51p iTunes fraud”.

It works in three stages. First, the thieve steals your (or some unlucky person’s) credit card details over the internet. Then, they make a small purchase through iTunes. Since the value of purchase is usually less than $10, little or no warning is given to the cardholder.

Once the iTunes purchase is successful, the thieve then uses it to purchase more expensive items. Remember to check your credit card statements often, and always be alert on the internet.

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  • Janet

    You say Apple iTunes is not trying to steal your money but I have my doubts. Apple is responsible for having a "secure" website and obviously they are doing nothing to increase the security.

    Fraud purchases of $400 were made using my debit card through iTunes. The same day that same debit card was "tested" through the American Red Cross by making a $10 donation. When I contacted the Red Cross about it, they "immediately" refunded the $10 and said this happens a lot with them. Why can't Apple iTunes refund the fraudulent charges too? Certainly they are in a better financial situation to refund money than the Red Cross. It makes me very suspicious about iTunes when they don't give you information to help you find the thieves and don't refund fraudulent charges. So who benefits from these fraudulent charges? Answer: the thieves and Apple iTunes. The bank, the credit card company, and I don't benefit at all.

    • Chris W

      “Apple is responsible for having a “secure” website and obviously they are doing nothing to increase the security.”

      You are ABSOLUTLEY right. I recently got charged $1940.14 from this scam. I not only blame whoever has done this, but Apple as well. As dominent as they are in the tech world, things like this should not be happening at a scale like this:
      ( ; ;*itunes-866-712-7753-Ca-Fraud are just a few websites where people have brought this up.)
      This is uncalled for, and frankly unacceptable. I really hope Apple and the authorities are investigating this matter.

      • Nicole

        Hi, I purchased a $9.99 Battle Cat game cat food stupid thing, I put my bank card on itune and purchased the cat food then took out my info. A second after the purchase went through, my husband then went to his email only to find $2,000 was charged to my bank account which put me negative $2,000, this is a seperate account for my child w special needs and they stole my sons whole SSI check plus my $ plus put us in the negative and I have $1,000 in overdraft fees. How the h;() could this happen to us??? It’s been 7 days since I found out, only 3 hrs. After the theft and I notified Huntington Bank, they never caught this activity, I the very next morning filled out a fraud report and still 7 days later I’m totally broke w a 12 yr. Old special needs son that I can’t buy a winter coat for :…( this is the worst thing ever. Don’t trust Itunes or huntington.

  • jane

    the same exact thing happened to me on NYEve. $400 downloaded from itunes. Cancelled credit card, reported to Apple. Trying to track down the username who purchased the product. I agree with Janet that Apple should make it very difficult to buy with credit card. Much more security is needed.

  • jan

    The exact same thing happened to me. I am so upset. Over $400 is missing from my account. I'm on social security and this money was going to pay my mortgage.

  • Ruff

    I got charged for $1100 from APL*ITUNES 866-712-7753 CA
    Five of the iTunes charges were for $200 and 1 charge was for $100 all made on my debit card within one day.
    Since the transactions are for even dollar amounts I'm assuming they're for iTunes gift cards.
    By the way, I don't even have an iTunes account.
    I called Apple and asked that they reverse the charges…they flat-out refused my request.
    Apple's customer service representative had a "prepared script" from which she read from basically telling me it was my problem and to take it up with our bank. Apple offered no assistance in resolving this matter knowing full well that a crime had been committed.
    I asked, how many legitimate people spent $1100 a day on iTune purchases?
    Obviously, the CS didn't have an answer for that one.
    It's appalling that Apple won't reverse charges when there is such an extensive record of this scam online.
    Chase is our bank and their fraud department alerted us to the fraud but I still haven't received my money back.
    Bottom line, Apple / iTunes doesn't give a rat's ass in helping you.

  • George H Brentnell

    My debit card was "tested” for $500. The 866-712-7753 number only has a recording directing fraud victims the send an email.

    Apple’s security sucks and the company does not care to help.

  • Farhan

    Same here, I found out 1400$ were taken from my paypal/bank account accross 13 transactions on the SAME DAY! I mean its got FRAUD written all over it yet they allowed it. I called AppStore number 888-MY-APPLE spoke to some laidy called Christian. I explained that I don't see any purchase history in my account, I have never purchased anything from itunes in my life. She says, someone could have added my paypal account to ther Itunes account and ran up the charges. Now, she won't say who owns that account is, or what was purchase. The interesting thing is that someone changed my paypal account to Chinees language. All my purchace receipts came in chinees. I couldn't even read the emails. Apple, shoud have known that my account is regeistered in North America and that my preferences in itunes is set for english.

    Apple has obligation to assure that the charges they run on people's account are authentic. Consumers entrust them with their account by authorizing them with paypal, they need to put faud detection in place. I mean it is so simple for them to do. Simplly flag all paypal accounts if they are registerd to more than one person's itunes account. Then force all parties to validate before you successfully "activate" the paypal account to itune account. I had already registerd my account with Itunes, when this jack ass tried to add my account to his itunes account, apple should have flagged it right there.

    It is absolutely their faulty system that is to blame. The fact that they choose to turn a blind eye, makes them just as much to blame.

    If there is any Apple representative reading this, and wishes to contact me, please send me an email at

  • john

    same crap just happened to me….

    APL*ITUNES – 866-712-7753 CA — 03/02/2009 03/01/2009 $100.00
    APL*ITUNES – 866-712-7753 CA — 03/02/2009 03/01/2009 $200.00
    APL*ITUNES – 866-712-7753 CA — 03/02/2009 03/01/2009 $200.00

    i blame this on apple as well as the credit card.

    I had something happen with my discover card a month ago using napster ( i have no clue how they are getting my numbers) – but discover immediately recognized this, called me and put a stop to it right there – why could visa not do this.

    now with apple, i used that same credit care under my itunes account… I have never bought anything over $10 from the itunes store and they let 3 charges go through…bs

  • Frank

    I was yet another victim last night on this same issue. Got two $200 debit card charges on my Chase checking account. People like this will get their just rewards when they are burning in hell. Only whish I got my turn at them first.

  • Janet

    Thank you all for commenting on this site. I don't know what the original author of this post thinks about all of these comments but I really think this situation is criminal. I'm not wealthy but I do feel for those of you who are on very limited and fixed incomes. I brought this site to the attention of the Apple iTunes feedback site. Anyone else who wants to push this forward with their comments to iTunes can go to this url: It may not do any good but at least we can voice our complaints here. If you have other people that you know who have had similar problems, please have them comment here too. This is what I just sent to the Apple iTunes Feedback:

    "I think Apple iTunes should should check out a running commentary on a website that discusses the security of your company: The comment list of disgruntled people is growing on this site. The comments give example after example of the lack of security measures iTunes uses for purchases. There are a number of secure features that should be installed in your site. In this time where money is tight for everyone, your responsibility in having a more secure website is the right thing to do for all. It is so disturbing to hear the stories of people who are on a limited income and have never had an iTunes account, yet are charged large sums of money through iTunes that will cause them to not have enough for the month to live on. Apple passes off the complaints saying it's the responsibility of the credit card company to take care of this but I and many others see it as Apple's lack of responsibility that CAUSES the problem. Why do you not have an automatic email go to the buyer to verify the purchase?

    I want to feel good about your company but ever since I was a victim of your site, I can only relay warnings to my friends. Apple, please make this right so I can recommend your service with confidence."

  • Cali Guy

    Happened to me too on the second week of Janurary! a token amount was pending to clear my account, then larger charges came through! 200 x 2!

  • Frank

    Now come on there has got to be a lawyer or two out there that have been burned like we have been burned. Seems one of them would put together a class action lawsuit on Apple. I realize most class action cases mean not much money for the plaintiff’s but I don't care. However, Apple might have to put out lots of money. I don't care if I only get 10 cents on the dollar back as long as they pay big.

  • Janet

    I'd like to know what the author of this post thinks. Marvin Sims, did you expect this kind of response on your post? Your article begins with "Apple is not stealing your money." I'm curious… do you still feel this way after all these comments?

  • Bert

    This happened to me too. $300 worth of gift cards were purchased from iTunes. I do have a iTunes account, but I buy very little music (I spend maybe $2.00 per month).

    I called Apple, but they would not help me, they said I have to take it up with my bank. I have a dispute with PayPal (which is where the charges went).

    Of course, PayPal took the $300 out of my checking account, which caused an overdraft charge.

    This is so frustrating, and messed up because Apple would not help me. I contacted them within a few hours of the charge. They could have immediately turned the gift cards off, instead of making me go through the investigation process of PayPal.

  • KSP

    Every one has lost only around $400 or or $1000 , I lost around $4000. Some one used my debit to buy itunes on 26 Feb, same day he has purchased zoobooks and on 24th he has purchased something on vistaprint for $5.45.
    My bank is going to dispute with them, I am not sure I will get back the money or not although my bank has given the money temporarily. Apple itune store must be very happy as they did the good business. They are not worried about security.

  • Janet

    Wow, $4000. That's horrible! My bank has returned my $400 to me too. Thank you ANB! I wonder if it would do any good to report this to the Better Business Bureau? Has anyone tried that yet?

  • Frank

    The BBB has about as much clout as we do in mattes like this. I reported it to IC3 which is the company that manages internet fraud complaints for the FBI. If enough of us do this I bet the FBI will get Apple to make changes to their process. Here is the link to them. If you have been victimized please take the time to register your complaint. Thanks

  • Farhan

    Ok so here is an update. Today, PayPal got back to me with their findings. It turns out they refunded the entire amount. Infact, they did a complete review of my account and found that there were 1500$ in fraudulent charges and not just 1400 that I had claimed! I must say this was resolved to my satisfaction. However, I don't think I will keep my iTunes account linked to my PayPal account anymore.

    Even after all this, I would rate PayPal highly for their customer service.

  • KSP

    Any one remember what were the last online transactions before the apple itunes fraud incident. So that we can identity where the card information are stealing.

  • Bert

    PayPal got back to me… and denied my claim. So for now, I am out the $300. I wrote back to Apple, and I hope they take care of me. If they don't, I am prepared to sue them in small claims court.

    This fraud came from someone hacking into my iTunes account and buying gift cards, which were charged to my PayPal account. Since a billing agreement did exist between Apple and PayPal, they will not refund any money.

  • Bert

    Well, PayPal will not refund me because I had a billing agreement with iTunes. iTunes will not refund the money, they said PayPal needs to initiate a chargeback, which they will not do, because I have a billing agreement with iTunes.

    So they are both pointing their fingers at each other, meanwhile I am out $300.00.

    I am still fighting this, but lesson learned: DO NOT have a billing agreement with PayPal, because you are NOT PROTECTED in the case of fraud.

  • KSP

    Have any one has given complaint to Police department regarding the theft of debit or credit card?

  • Janet

    I could be wrong on this but I don't think the police could do anything about it. In so many of these cases the card itself is not physically stolen. The thieves just try random numbers on the websites to see what works which is the whole issue here. If anyone can enter in a number out of thin air and make a purchase on the the iTunes site without any kind of verification that you are the card holder, then the site needs to increase it's security. Has anyone else tried to contact the police, Better Business Bureau or any other agency about this? I would be interested to know the result.

  • G

    In my case someone somehow obtained my credit info and charged $1 to the iTunes store to test the number. Thankfully the card company caught the the fraudulent charge almost immediately and froze the account. Even on a $1 charge. I suspect this sort of fraud is becoming far more common than we realize. The companies are thankfully catching on. Interestingly, I believe the culprit is a local hardware store.. not as a result of an online transaction.

    I think iTunes is an easy target as single songs can be purchased for such a low relative cost. Historically this may not raise fraud warning flags. A $20 or $100 charge may not slip by quite as unnoticed. These fraudsters are hoping the card they snag is some iTunes user, so the $1 will go unnoticed in a sea of other charges.

    Me? I almost never use my card. Lucky to have 1-2 transactions in a given month. If someone took my card number through a transaction, there are very few individuals to sort through.

    It is easy for these companies to enhance their security. If they only bother to tie a person, their credit card, their phone number and address to a transaction… it is traceable. Require all online transactions to have an automated verification callback. They call your phone number which is registered to your name and address.. there you go. Instant verification. This is very do-able. Why don't they? It costs money. Ultimately the fraud costs far more over the long term.

    Want to help reduce fraud? Please secure and scan your computer for spyware. Don't be lazy about it. LEARN how to properly secure and maintain your computers, and we will all be better off for it. Do business only with legitimate proven internet companies. While not foolproof by any means. Every little bit adds up.

  • KSP

    Good, your company caught immediately. Regarding security you mentioned apple should read this comment. Phone number should be required field while purchasing itunes on line. Then they should ask some question or some back ground check, then this fraud will decrease. There are many automated rule engine checks all details. Even if you use credit card more than 5 times or if you same billing or shipping address multiple times, the rule engine will not allow to purchase. Specially for e-gift certificate you cannot purchase more than $50 in a single transaction.

  • DeLise

    Well – lesson learned! I had the same thing happen to me last Saturday. My fraud was small potatoes compared to other comments on here. I had two $50 gift cards supposedly purchased by me and I caught it within an hour of the supposed purchase. Mind you, I can't even see who I supposed made the purchase for. You would think iTunes would at least be considerate enough to provide that. Instead I received an email stating that they couldn't provide that information unless I had a subpoena for it. This was supposedly to protect me. I also deleted the billing agreement immediately. I contact both Paypal and iTunes with 30 minutes of catching it. I think that should have been enough time for iTunes to stop the gift card from being used. They didn't do that. I instead got the soft sell that Paypal had to process the dispute. Paypal supposedly processed it and then denied my claim. I will have to venture a guess that like others who have posted on here, the denial was due to my having a billing agreement in place between iTunes and Paypal. I have deleted all my banking information from Paypal.I also deleted Paypal from my billing information in iTunes. Although I have not lost as much as other who have posted on here, I cannot afford to lose $100. I am completely discouraged right now. Unfortunately, I have invested way too much money in my iTunes music and I won't just chuck it all. What I have decided to do is only use store-bought iTunes gift cards to purchase music, shows, or movies going forward. It will take me a long time to get over this violation (that is what it is no matter what either Paypal or iTunes states). It's a violation of trust in two supposedly safe, "big" companies.

  • Jezebel

    I understand that you are all steamed about losing money. I don't think its Apples fault.

    Scenario: You lose your wallet. Someone finds it and uses your credit card at a jewelery store. Do you go to the Jewelery store demanding that they refund you for the items bought??? No, you go to your credit card company and dispute the charges. Same thing with iTunes.

  • Janet

    Jezebel. If I lost my credit card then yes, it would be my fault to lose it and I would have to rely on my credit card company to help me but this is a different situation. I don't know about the other people on this list but I did not have my card physically stolen. It was in my possession the entire time the thief randomly entered my credit card number. Did iTunes even require the 3 digit code from the back of my card when the purchase was made? I don't think so. With the convenience of being able to purchase items on line using a credit card, there is a minimum responsibility of the company's website to make sure it is a SECURE SITE so that a card cannot be randomly used by anybody. There are other websites that use more security measures than iTunes so I think iTunes could make their site much more secure. It's much too easy as we have seen from all of these testimonies so far for thieves to abuse the system.

    The other objection we have with iTunes is that once the illegal use of our cards have been used and we notify iTunes, you can expect absolutely no help in the matter. I got complete cooperation from the American Red Cross when the thief tested my credit card number with them. They refunded my money and gave me as much information as they possibly could. Apple iTunes advises you to modify your account information with them so that the thief can't steal your card number but there have been people who have NEVER had an iTunes account and have had fraudulent charges made through iTunes. They too have not physically lost their card. So you see if iTunes and the other companies who have websites with online stores do not provide some kind of minimum security to their sites, anyone can be randomly affected. This will only get worse if security is not improved.

  • Jezebel

    Janet~ I just heard on the news that a large number of people had their credit card information using a machine that double swipes the credit card. The first swipe reads all the information (including the 3 digit security number) while the second is for the actual transaction. In that case the the thieves don't need the physical card.

    Did you ever think that the customer service reps have their hands tied in these matters

  • Janet

    Yes, I do feel badly for the service reps. It is not their fault for following the company's procedures.

  • DeLise


    I general terms I would agree with your "scenario". However – I would have to disagree with it in terms of iTunes gift certificates. I reported it within an hour of it happening. That should have been enough time and iTunes should have the "technology" to basically stop or cancel the gift certificate before it is cashed it. This is the same as with a company issueing bank checks. They have the ability to stop payment on the check issued. The gift certificate is very similar to a form of currency.

  • DeLise

    I meant "In general terms…"

  • Rewa

    I got screwed by ITunes on April 2nd of this year. Two $50 gift card purchases off of my paypal account. Because I have okayed transactions from Itunes for music downloads, PayPal says they cannot differentiate between the charges I made, and those made by others. Which does make sense. But when I contacted Itunes, they have not offered any help, any offers to follow up or any information on how to further secure my account (besides the "creation of a strong password" bs line. I had a strong password. I have multiple accounts, all with varying strong passwords. My email, my paypal, my facebook, my myspace, my bank account…every single one had a different password. And only the Itunes account has been compromised. I am the only person using my computer (to my knowledge anyway…I don't even have a pet!). So now, I cannot make purchases from Itunes without further exposing myself or buying a damn gift card myself. I am highly pissed off.

  • DeLise

    The thing that Apple should and could do is allow users an option of disabling gift card purchases online. I am sure they are aware of this scam. That should be too hard for a company that purports to be "cutting edge" in computers and all things "tech". They could also incorporate and option to cancel an order (Amazon does that with the ebook reader Kindle). If they are not investigating options such as these then I would have to believe that they are not doing so because it ultimately increases their bottom line. They aren't out any money, we are.

  • Jezebel

    You all agreed to the Terms of Service (probably with out reading it). For your convenience I have included a small section for you.

    8. User Account Security.

    a. Account and Password. As a registered user of the Service, you may receive or establish an account (“Account”). You are solely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality and security of your Account. You should not reveal your Account information to anyone else or use anyone else’s Account. You are entirely responsible for all activities that occur on or through your Account, and you agree to immediately notify iTunes of any unauthorised use of your Account or any other breach of security. iTunes shall not be responsible for any losses arising out of the unauthorised use of your Account which is not due to the negligence of iTunes.

    11. iTunes reserves the right to close customer accounts and request alternative forms of payment if a gift certificate, iTunes Card, Content Code or monthly gifts is fraudulently obtained or used on the iTunes Store. (Which is done DAILY)

    If Paypal won't reverse the charge then contact your bank. iTunes fraud department will work with your bank to reverse the charges

  • Janet

    Jezebel. This is all very nice information and thank you for your time but how do you explain the people who NEVER had an iTunes account who have had charges put towards their credit card via iTunes? Sorry, this is still a problem with iTunes not having a secure website. BTW, I have recently had a lot of cases where my email address was used to sign up for all kinds of applications online. For each one, I would receive an email to verify that I was the person who filled out the form. If I didn't reply, then they knew it was a spammer. I also would receive notices in the mail where someone tried to make a purchase with my email address but because the credit card info did not get verified, they canceled the purchase. So these are the kinds of safeguards iTunes should use. We're not trying to shut down iTunes (or at least I'm not). We're just trying to get them to beef up their security. Is that REALLY too much to ask of a company that big? You're asking all of these commenters on this site to put a band aid on the problem by having their bank take care of it. I'm asking that we heal the source of the pain: get iTunes to improve their security.

  • Janet

    Out of curiosity I googled "apple itunes fraud" and was not surprised there are other sites like this one where comment after comment tells their sad story of how iTunes allowed their account to be charged. The list of comments on this site is just the tip of the iceberg. Is there nothing anyone can do about this? We seem to have laws for everything else in this country.

  • DeLise


    Perhaps you are hard of hearing. Noone disagrees with the terms of service (especially the section you so kindly posted). What we have an issue with is the lack of cooperation when a person acts quickly after discovering the fraud (as in my case – I sent an email with 2 hours of the transaction). As I stated above, they could have better security options as in disabling the purchase of gift cards in the online store (not to be confused with using a gift card that was purchased in a brick and mortar such as Best Buy and then used in the online store).

  • Irene Ilmonen

    I'm in that same boat as many of you. I was ripped off last month for $400 for four $100 gift certificates through I-tunes. I notified them within 24 hours and was denied as they said the purchases were not "unauthorized." They had hacked my account through PayPal or vice versa. Both I-Tunes and PayPal (with some flowery words and apoligies for my "concern") blew me off. A person on another site just gave an interview to Fox News regarding this fraud and is looking into a class action suit. I hope I-Tunes gets nailed for not having the secure site they guaranteed us!

  • Kimberly

    I've read so very much on this topic. I cannot believe how many people have been rippped off and Apple/iTunes has done nothing! I too was hit for $100. Had the billing agreement thru paypal, so they will not refund. And iTunes – they don't care, they're making money on this fraud. If the tables were turned and they were losing money – you bet they would be doing something about it…

  • Wendy

    I too got scammed by the mystery iTunes gift card buyers on May 3 2009. I'm out 100.00 and of course iTunes only has email for contact of any kind and that really chaps my rear end. I contacted my bank and they tell me that since my debit card is linked to my itunes account, then they have to wait until it posts before they can dispute it. What a crock! I didn't authorize the charges and I don't want them to post AT ALL. Guess I'm out of luck there huh? I see from all the prior postings that perhaps I shouldn't hold my breath about getting my money back from iTunes. I have since deleted my card from my iTunes account, changed my password, and will begin jumping through hoops to get my bank balance back on track. How is the criminals get to skip away with the money when the regular folks have to work to prove they were wronged? Makes no sense. I HOPE SOMEONE FROM APPLE IS READING THIS BECAUSE YOUR FRAUD DEPARTMENT AND SECURITY SUCK.

  • Wendy

    DeLise — I just got an email back from iTunes and they said – point blank – that they cannot reverse any charges. So I'm screwed out of 100.00. This gift card scam is all over the internet and iTunes refuses to do the stand up thing and return my money or even acknowledge there's a scam out there. I will not purchase another thing from iTunes.

  • ennTOXX

    i woke up this morning to find that i had 2 receipts for $50 each for gift cards made out to random letting for names to my bank debit card. the same card i used to purchase items through itunes which is stored on my itunes account.
    i contacted apple and they have stated that they will forward this to the correct dept and will contact me within 24hrs.
    i have also contacted my bank and canceled my card, which i have to wait up to 10 business days to receive a replacement/new card. my bank had instructed me to have apple call them to reverse, apple states to have my bank call them to remove/reverse the charges made.
    after doing a few simple searches on this occurrence online, i find that there are others that have gone through this and some saying that apple will not reverse the charges.
    apple's customer service has stated to me, upon being asked, that the cards have not been used. i then asked why can we not just cancel these cards and refund my bank the charges? i was then stated it was being handled according to apple's company policy. i also asked as to where these charges where being made from cause i was suspecting that apple's secure account information server had been compromised and/or hacked. it was then stated to me that they cannot release this type of information.

    now, i fell asleep watching videos in bed on my laptop last night. woke up and checked my emails, still in bed, when i noticed the 2 receipts for the $50 gift card charges. i immediately jumped out of bed and began contacting my bank and apple.

    i found a reporter for FOX on another website stating they are looking for similar stories to do a report.
    you can contact this reporter for FOX who is looking to cover this on national television.
    their email is:

  • JP

    I got hit with the $1.00 "test" charge a day ago and caught it before it went from "pending" to "posted". My bank (SunTrust) immediately canceled my check card and told me to call back tomorrow to dispute the $1.00 charge. Fortunately I caught it before I got hit with any more charges. What I want to know is how are these people (Chinese even?!?) getting my card number! I am an IT security specialist so I know better than to enter my card number in random places or in response to phishing emails.

  • Matt

    I got hit with 5 charges on my debit card (which is in my possession), 3 for $91.08 and 3 for $82.26. No idea what was purchased, all I know is now my checking account is negative and with the two fees I got charged from my bank I am now out $630.76. I've filed a claim with my bank and hopefully I get my money back soon. As of right now the only money I have is the $30 in my wallet. I did call iTunes and they were no help, they said they would only give out information on transactions to law enforement. I really don't know who's to blame but you would think that the person doing this would be easily caught. I mean if they are purchasing items from iTunes don't they need an account for that? So couldn't you just trace the transaction back to their account? I hope whoever is doing this is caught and punished for this. I'm a hard working moral individual and I would never ever do anything like this to anyone. I just hope I get my money back soon.

  • Janet

    Here's an interesting article: "A group of popular London deejays used stolen credit cards to buy their own music on iTunes in an elaborate scheme that netted about $650,000 in bogus royalties and sent the musicians skyrocketing up the "indie" charts, The Post has learned." The rest of the story is here:

  • Kimberly

    Matt, I hope you get your money back soon too! I on the other hand haven't and won't because it was my paypal account that was hacked for purchasing. Because it was your bank debit card, you'll have much better luck than most have. PayPal and iTunes are useless on the matter.

    Those who are to blame are those who are hacking the itunes system to obtain our information we have on file to purchase with, whether it is debit cards, credit cards or paypal accounts. They are using our accounts and others credit to pay for the music, gifts cards, etc. How they are doing it, I don't know but I do know that Maria (a rep with iTunes) has told me they do not have a security department. Scary huh?

    Fox News has covered this story, thankfully, and others are beginning to pick it up now. Check out the video here: (copy and paste into your browser)

    Ray Parisi sent a camera man to me along with two others who had been ripped off as well. All we can do at this point is SPREAD THE WORD! Anyone who has a credit card, debit card, paypal account, etc. on file with iTunes can and probably will be hit. Others who don't even have and iTunes account have been hit… It's really terrible!

  • Jezz

    Kimberly, I don't know who "Maria" is but iTunes has an entire department devoted to dealing with fraud cases. Contact the bank or credit card company (not PayPal and report the charges as unauthorized)

    As to the people who are upset that iTunes hasn't refunded your money. They can't even though they want to. The Electronic Funds Transfer Act prevents them from refunding for fraud. You MUST go through you bank or credit card company.

  • Janet

    I tried looking up Electronic Funds Transfer Act to see how refunding is explained but I had trouble understanding the legalize. What statement(s) actually says that the company cannot refund for fraud? Could you copy and paste it in the discussion please?

    I'm very confused about this because if a company is not allowed to refund fraudulent monies because of this act, then why did the American Red Cross immediately refund my money when my debit card was tested on their site? Maybe there's some dollar minimum that's a factor. Anyone know?

    BTW, I had another hit on my debit card a month ago (but not with iTunes this time) so I chose not to have my debit card reissued. I'm hoping that it will prevent future occurrences even though I miss the convenience of a debit card.

  • Brian Brown

    This just happened to my wife and I. Our bank (Regions) and Apple both want to point fingers at each other. The response from apple is to delete our CC information from the account and take it up with the bank. So we tried to login to her account but forgot the password. The site just posted the error "SORRY and unknown error occurred" when attempting to retrieve the password. Since I did not know what to do now I called apple and then promptly got transferred to an india call center. The guy asked for my ipod serial number and said hold on. He then started to breathe heavy and started SNORING. I asked him if he was sleeping and he said "no sleeping was not allowed while he was on the clock". Sheesh. I then told him I have no problem with my ipod I just need to remove the CC info from my account and he said that I have to email an address (which bounced btw) and get a reply back in 48hrs. Hopefully the bank canceled my card so no more charges will go through.

    I have learned this from this experience…I don't care if it was an ID theft or not. Due to Apple's worthless service I will never use them again. I feel like I am better taken care of at Wal Mart!

  • dolphin777

    To my regret, I was contacted by my MasterCard "Fraud Detection Division" Monday, 3/2/2009! Some miscreant had attempted to charge $1212.18, which was completely inconsistent with my card use!! It was for sporting goods/equipment; I'm a 72 y.o. disabled grandmother, BTW. The item stuck out like the proverbial sore thumb, and was preceded by several $1 I-tune transactions. I don't own an i-Pod either. Up 'til now, I hadn't realized just how vigilant my MasterCard employees are! The squirrrrrrrely item was rejected, my card immediately cancelled, and a new card is on its way. Some inconvenience WAS experienced. I check in with website frequently, and pay online. I've been promised an investigation; a questionnaire is being snail-mailed. I'm on record as protesting even the ~$5 in i-tune charges!!

  • ellen

    I am the latest victim of fraud. Someone is buying itunes using my visa card for two months in a row. First, small amounts frequently but the charges are adding up. My VISA is now cancelled. I hope I get my money back.

  • Janet

    Embarrassing for Apple. Thanks for this information Veronica.

  • Kimberly

    No resolution with PayPal and Apple. They each direct me to the other. Sounds typical huh?

  • Tony

    I tried couple of transactions on Apple's itunes & mobileme 'credit card' requirement, guess what, this 'credit card' requirement is Apple's millions dollars business. Each time I entered the new credit card/debit card number, Apple charges me $1, yes, it is Apple. I suggested we need to act as a group to fight this fraud. How about we all send email to ?

  • Ana Elisa

    Eactly. The BIGGER thieves are they guys from APPLE. They refuse to give your money back, knowing that your credit card information has been stolen over their "Secure" site. AND they know they have you hostage because of the whole IPOD-ITUNES monopoly… biggest scam in the world. I got $150 charged in gift cards against my card….

  • Stephen

    Today is 9/1/09 and I noticed that this fraud crap has been going on all year. My bank notified me today that my account has been frozen. I went to the bank and they grilled me on these transactions. Somehow, someone used my debit card to buy $600 worth of itunes from Apple. I don't use Apple products and I have no idea what an itune is. My bank issued a new debit card. WHY IS THIS FRAUD STILL GOING ON AFTER ALMOST A YEAR OF RIPPING PEOPLE OFF OF THEIR HARD EARNED MONEY? WHO IS IN CHARGE? I watch 2 hours of news daily and I have not heard of this scam before. Why hasn't this been BLASTED all over news. I'm going to the FBI tomorrow.

  • Rm

    Beware its still happening lucky I caught it my bank is aware and and I sign a Fraud Affidavit.This is getting investigated by the fraud team through my bank. But I had to cancel all my cards so that is an inconvenience but worth not losing my little money I have from unemployment.Those people need to get a life and not ruin others.

  • Marcus

    Yep, add me to the list. I got charged $1.00 and called my bank IMMEDIATELY and they locked the account down. Latter on, I was informed they tried tried to buy over $6000 worth of goods through itunes after words. Thank God I canceled my card when I did.

  • veronica

    Well Apple's financial company that handles the itune downloads, etc, should make a statement.

    I talked to someone about my over charges for an itune account I no longer have and she told me that they get complaints constantly and that the charges usually are traced back to an apple employee.

    The employees are outsourced and are on massive switchboards and grids and even though they can find internal fraud, individual findings are usually impossible.

    I was told the account was canceled fully now and that now if I try to open an itunes account it will be flagged and I'll have to call them and get an account on the phone; which makes me very very happy.

    I quit using itunes because every time I turned around I was being over charged etc.

    Maybe if Apple wasn't so concerned with hiring thousands of 3rd world employees from around the globe and paying them 3cents an hour to save money for their stockholders they would be better equipped to police their own.

  • Jeremy

    I am posting this on my girlfriend's experience with this scam because she is now gun shy of anything involving any sort of personal information.

    She recently bought a new apple laptop and started personalizing the information on it, including mobileMe. It also could have been the itunes account, since that is what showed on the bank account.
    Long story short, she suddenly received two charges (at first ) for 1.00 each from an itunes account. When googling the code that was given for those charges she came across this site and its discussion. She panicked slightly as 1000$ seemed to be missing as a pending charge, well, two 1.00 charges were pending but there was a active balance of 1000$ less than the history amount.
    She called the bank, which to their credit answered at almost 2 in the morning and changed the debit card number. Being as that I have gone through this sort of thing with many customer service agents before, call and talk to someone!!
    Ask their advice, when you personalize it to them and make it about what they suggest and not just what the company would do, you will get a better response. They will help you, I realize that this can be out of reach of some of these people, but for those who catch it before it happens, try this approach. Trust me the cell phone minutes you waste waiting for a representative will be worth the money that you will save in this scam.–Good luck

  • Janet

    You might want to at least have your card canceled if possible. The scammers that do this kind of stuff wait for late Sat, Sun or holidays usually to start making their purchases because they know it's difficult for us to get in touch with our banks. Maybe there's an 800 number on the back of your card you could call. Good luck!





  • Jan

    I would be interested to know the credit card providers that so promptly noticed the fraud. HSBC, the company that took over my GM (ugh!) card allowed 48 transactions to go through totalling $1,500 dollars. I have sterling credit and have been a great customer. Their fraud unit is horrible! Once the money is refunded I'd like to switch to a better provider. Itunes customer service was of no help. They allowed 18 separate accounts to open billing my credit card. They KNEW they provided fraudulent email addresses. A very shrewd law firm should look into a class action suit on this.

  • Jan

    As a postscript to my previous post…I never lost my credit card, I have no idea how I got hacked. But to send a message to itunes for their lousy security I have told Amazon to remove all my account information as I will not do business with any company that associates with itunes! Boycotts work.

  • Monica

    Just a couple of days ago Chase Visa Fraud Dept. called me to report "suspicious activity" on my account. They told me that a purchase had gone through on Apple Itunes in the amount of $1.00. Of course, that is just the way for the company to test the legitamacy of the credit card by charging $1.00 up front. The real charge would be more. How much more, I don't know, because when I told Chase that was not my purchase, they told me I wouldn't be responsible and closed my account and will send me a new card.

    So I think that Itunes is finally reaching the stage where it is probably on some watch list for fraud. This is what they get for having lousy security and not responding to people who have had there credit card numbers stolen.

  • Jared

    Hey if you want to start a class action suit against apple please contact me ASAP. I've retained an attorney. Apple wont change unless change is forced upon them. When you sign up for their dip shit services they don't ask for any verification like phone numbers address or anything that a normal responsible company would ask.

    Email me today

  • John

    The same has happen to me, I ha unauthorized charges to credit card from APL*ITUNES, it seems that there are a lot of people having this problem, What is apple doing about this???. This can not be good for apple, I was in the market for a new computer and Ipod but with all this going going on I have decided to not buy a MAC or apple ipod but buy PC and download music from a legal website online. Apple needs to get to the bottom of this problem and figure out what is going on!!

  • Matt D

    This happened to me, and I got bounced back between PayPal and Apple.

    In the end, I disputed the electronic charge with my Credit Union. (Which was charged by PayPal) It cost me $30 to do the ACH Dispute, but they put the money back in my account, which caused my PayPal to go negative, but 2-3 days later, PayPal did the chargeback to Apple, bringing my PayPal account current again. (and back into the positive).

    So, if this happens to you, do not waste your time with Apple or PayPal, they will not help you. Dispute the charge with your bank or credit card issuer.

  • D Elaine

    This fraud is definitely originating with Apple. I received an email notification receipt from itunes for a purchase of several albums that I never purchased. The email has my name, address, and phone number, along with the last 4 numbers of the credit card associated with my itunes account. This information, along with my email definitely was hacked from itunes – not a random card number test.

    I went into my itunes account recent purchases, but this fraud purchase is not listed, so the fake itunes receipt is not attached to my itunes account, but the information was gotten from the horrible itunes lack of security with private information.

    The charge posted to my credit card the next day, and I have disputed it.

  • miamiblond

    Wow I am shocked at how many of us have been had by ITunes!
    I was charged for $200 each for two gift cards that I alledgely purchased – they were charged to my Paypal account. I contacted my personal bank immediately, so they could stop the charges from going through. Then I contacted Paypal and disputed the charges. Thirdly, I contacted iTunes/Apple.
    I have gotten NOWHERE. Paypal says that I have to get iTunes to refund the money because the fraud came from their end. iTunes/Apple says that Paypal's fraud department must contact the iTunes Store to resolve this issue.
    So, I did this, Paypal regretfully said that they could not help me, and Apple refuses to tell me where the gift cards I 'purchased' went to and they won't give refund.
    I have now received a letter from a collection agency trying to collect the $400 I owe Paypal.
    This is insane, it's taking up too much of my valuable time and if I had an extra $400, I would just pay it and screw it all. But I don't have an extra $400, I don't have an attorney or the funds to hire one and I'm at the end of my rope here. I'm just glad to see that I am not the only one who has been screwed by Apple. Because of this situation, I will never buy an ipod or anything affiliated with Apple and I am also fed-up with Paypal as well.
    Any suggestions? Can we file a class action suit against Apple – especially since they are completely aware that this has been going on for a LONG time.

  • Miamiblond

    I agree totally with Frank. I don't want any money from Apple – except for my $400. It is just trying to correct something that is wrong and is adversely hurting people.
    The fact that Apple and iTunes refuse to admit or correct this problem is a problem in itself and leads me to question their morals. Greed is what is ruining our country.

  • miamiblond

    Well, I am going on 7 months of being bounced back and forth from Paypal to Apple. I feel like a tennis ball at Wimbleton. Basically, Paypal is saying that they cannot request the money back because they are an Ecommerce and not technically a 'bank' and Apple says that the 'bank' has to request money back. I spoke with a Paypal supervisor and he tried to call the phone number I was given by Apple for the fraud department – We did a three-way call, but of course, no one answered and we got a message. The supervisor, Jessie, told me that I was totally getting the run around. You think????
    Has ANYONE had some sort of resolution with Paypal and Apple? The banks and credit card companies are much better and will get you your money back, but Paypal, I can't believe that nothing can be done.

  • miamiblond

    Well Everyone, there IS light at the end of the tunnel for those dealing with Paypal and Apple – The two companies that deny responsibility for the refunds on unauthorized purchases of iTunes. I have been dealing with both companies for exactly 7 months and 22 days – I have sent certified letters to both companies, emailed them numerous times, spoke with representatives with both, etc.
    I have a large file with all of my correspondence, threatened both of them, gave them the link to this chat room, and also the news report link that was reported earlier on this site.
    Two days ago, I received this email from Apple:

    Hello XXXX,
    This is John again from iTunes. I just wanted to check up on you to see how things are going.
    I want to make sure we take care of everything needed.
    Thank you again for being the most important part of iTunes. I am awaiting your

    To me, this was a slap in my face because of the runarounds I got from them – "How are things going?" Well, I keep getting letters from creditors wanting to collect on the -$400 balance on my Paypal account!
    Then yesterday, I received two emails from Paypal:

    Hello XXXX,
    We are writing to you in regards to your recent transaction involving The seller has requested that we issue you a full refund, and
    we have issued the refund accordingly.
    Note: If the payment, or a portion of the payment, was funded by your credit
    card, the appropriate amount will be refunded to your credit card. You will see
    this in your transaction log as two entries. The first is the refund to your
    PayPal account, and the second is the credit to your credit card. Credits to a
    credit card normally take 2-3 business days to post through the card issuer and
    may not immediately affect the balance on the card.
    Well, it took them long enough, but I hope that Apple will be more forthcoming with their refunds in the near future.
    Good Luck Everyone – Keep hounding both companies and you will hopefully and eventually get your money back….

  • andrew

    hey this kinda happened to me…………..
    i was on my ipod touch trying to purchase an app right? but it was canceled because of a prob in my billing info so i did that stuff and it was done when i looked at my credit card it said 7 dollars was taken out i was like WTF!? it so happens when i canceled my 7 attempts it still charged me >:( i cant believe it -.-……….. can someone please tell me how that happened???

  • lois narvey

    I don't have an account but somebody has my credit card information and charges from apple itunes have been showing up since March. I am disputing these with the credit card but I agree that Apple's security is outrageously lax and their business practices should be investigated.

  • denmo

    This morning I received billing for 2 $50 gift certificates supposedly purchased by me so i immediately contacted discover and they stopped payment… i wouldn't even attempt to contact itune … they are worthless.
    Now they are issuing a new card no. which is good but now i have to notify any online billing companies of the change…. what a bunch of crap…THANKS I-TUNE

  • Connie Kupke

    I woke up this morning with a call from Capital One (my credit card) asking about two suspicious charges. One to eBay/PayPal for $799 and one for iTunes for $40. Someone bought a very expensive new iPhone and then downloaded the apps. Capital One immediately canceled my account and set up a new one, and reversed the charges. They were right on and acted proactively. I found the PayPal transaction for the phone and found the ship to address to someone in FL (I'm in TX).

    Now iTunes, not so much. Now there are $100 of apps purchased on my account and an extra computer is authorized to download apps. When I try to logon to iTunes, the apps start downloading to my computer! I don't want the darn things! When I went in to change my password, I noticed that all the personal info (except email address and phone no.) had been changed to someone in CA, even a different credit card. I am guessing that her credit card had been stolen and someone used it to make purchases. iTunes has not been very helpful – I'm having an issue even trying to make them understand what happened. I called their customer service number this morning and the person told me that Apple aggressively investigated any fraud and that they will be reporting the case to the police. However, I got an email from someone in customer service later and they said the opposite, that I needed to take it up with my credit card vendor.

    I am just trying to sort all this out…how did they get my user name and password?

  • David

    i called my creditcard in like usual,every happened an hour before that someone used my card to purchase 90 dollars in itunes products.. so my card company told me to call this # @itunes and find out the statis of this transaction in which i did,they stated whoever did this submitted a bogus email address and there info did not match my info and to top it off i have never purchased a thing from itunes in my life. so itunes stated that they would waive the 90 dollars and to contact my card provider and cancel that card so no further charges were made and i did so and received a new card..3 months has gone by and i received a letter from my card com, stating they received info from the merchant"itunes" indicating my name and address were verified @ the time the charges were made and i'm responsible.. @ the time the charges were made i was on the phone with them within that hour because i called my card in and i gave them my info to match the info that was submitted and they used my info against me to my credit card com…Isn't that fucked up or what,,guess what it will be a cold day in hell before they get a lincoln penny from me????

  • David

    same shit happen to me also, let me tell everybody,they had a big article about apl/itunes accepting over 650,000 dollars from a thief in england,purchasing fradulant item's and music from them for over 120 day's and they cought that basterd finally after all that fucking time and i'm still pissed..i'm only paying off 92.00 dollars that was done to me threw paypal to itunes but we need to come together as one and get a petition up against these basterds and i have a great lawyer who would love to have this case,,so please if you want to put a stop to this fucking shit call me @ 443-957-5703 anytime and we will get jiggy with this shit!!!

  • Robert

    When checking my bank account had charges for itune which I did down load 3 things for a total of $5.98… then afte that someone charged my account $9.99,$40.98 &$49.89.. this is bull crap! I had to go to the bank and cancell my bank card because of this stupit crap and wait and see if the bank is going to refund my money, I think Apple should do something about this…as I see this crap has been going on for over a year now. Has anyone heard anything back from Apple????

  • Elaine

    Update – itunes refunded my money. They said they are investigating, but I doubt if I will hear back. Sure would like to hear it reported on the news like other company's security breaches.

  • James Radcliffe

    This just plain F____king SUCKS after 3 months my Credit card finnaly realize that apl*itunes after charges are all fraud thiefs scumbags and the list contunies Apple equipment is great but somepeople think that know one checks their bills Apple should legaly check out 866- 712-7753 CA. because my lawyer is handling my BullShit if this is happing to you or someone you know start getting mad do a little work and maybe we all can get all of these CROOKS JR

  • Lynne

    There is a standard procedure in place for the dispute of fraudulent charges. It is up to your bank to contact Apple for a chargeback of the unauthorized purchase. That's just how it works. The burden of responsibility for recovering and protecting your funds lies with the bank or financial institution. Read the Fair Credit Billing Act.

    And more than likely, if someone has your card information, they got it from some source other than Apple. It's not like anyone is logging into your iTunes account and making purchases with your Apple ID for which you are getting the receipt. So it's not Apple's security that is in question–it's how careful you are with your credit card information.

  • Syd

    Of course it is Apple who needs to staighten up. I happen to see more charges coming through my apple account while I was talking to them. They refused to block the charges and told me to send an e-mail they would respond in 24 hours. While a class action may be good a quick way to get their attention is to report the lack of response to the better business bureau BBB in California

  • Mike

    Wow, this situation is absolutely pathetic!

    I had never bought an Apple product in my life before purchasing an iPod Touch recently. I have made a few legitimate purchases through the store, everything seemed fine, then… you guessed it, over $280 in unauthorized charges suddenly showed up. This coincided perfectly with iTunes suddenly refusing to accept my login or password – probably changed by the same bastards that made the charges.

    After researching this issue I am stunned that it has gone on for at least two years now with absolutely ZERO response or action from Apple. I can't contact my bank until tomorrow, but if they give me even a hint of resistance I'm going to point out the fact that there are so many accounts of this same scam occurring that I have to wonder if it shouldn't automatically be assumed that ANY iTunes purchase is fraudulent until proven otherwise.

    I'm done with Apple after this. What a wakeup call! This is by far the sleaziest behavior I have ever witnessed from a supposed top flight company. Whether or not the hacking is their fault is now a moot point – their absolute lack of concern about the problem has proven that they are nothing more than a two-bit sham of a company.

    Want to be stolen blind by a company that couldn't care less? – There's an app for that!

  • wm

    I have just been noticed of an unsuccessful try to charge my credit card with over 400$. Earlier this day and 3 days ago I had two very small charges described APL*ITUNES 866-712-7753 and one YAHOO *SM BUS/MAIL 800-318-0870. I still wonder why there is so little protection against the stealing of card numbers. Beware

  • Steve

    I just found a pending charge on my account from iTunes, as well as a statement for $0.00 from iTunes because everything I've purchased was FREE. Needless to say, I called my bank immediately and reported an unauthorized charge. They saw that I've not purchased anything with this card linked to my account and were very cooperative. I've been told that Apple will sometimes debit a dollar to an account and then refund it to ensure the account is viable (I was never warned of this when I read the agreement), but it never hurts to take precautions!

    If it turns out to be fraud, I will file a police report. That helps a great deal if it goes to collections. As well, if Apple doesn't wanna play ball with me, that's fine. But they *will* play ball with a detective. Otherwise, they're impeding an investigation (see penal code section 148 among others).

    For the individual who posted those sections of the user agreement, note that those sections basically state that an individual is completely responsible for the security of their account. In order for that to happen, Apple would legally have to give each of us full access to their servers and logs to ensure our accounts' security. It goes without saying that they will never do that, and therefore responsibility is SHARED. Judicial canon states: "[A man] cannot be held responsible for that which is beyond [his] control." Due to the number of calls about this, it's obvious Apple is very much aware of this issue, but if they continue to not make any effort to protect consumers, they will effectively breach their duty of care and could be subject to litigation.

    I'm not an attorney, so I may be way off. It never hurts to consult with one though. Just be aware that your mileage may vary.

  • Gary

    Well I just got hit by this itunes fraud on March 9 and 11, someone somehow got my credit card information on the internet I believe and bought two seperate things on itunes on two seperate days one is $66.99 for music records and one $3.99 for apps and funny thing is i've never used itunes. I had to report the two transaction to my credit company and they are sending me an request form to deny it. Than today luckily I got struck again. He used my card on some computer store online for $269.99!! But thankfully my credit card company caught it and called me about it and im getting a new card sent to me this time.
    But seriously how come the itunes purchase was not caught by the credit card co and something from a computer store did, is it just because itunes was easier to purchase and much cheaper from a random credit card?? Itunes should be more strict about purchasing, by calling the credit card company and the owner of the card about confidential details instead of just letting anyone buy from them which is greedy on my thought.


  • Jared

    So what would it take to get everyone to pursue a class action suit against apple?

    Someone get one going and I'll join in. Hell if you want I'll host the domain for it.

  • Kimberly

    Well, I have actually tried to find an attorney for a Class Action suit – no one, so far, will touch it… Not sure why, there are so many of us who have been hit… It really is terrible.. And Apple doesn't care – they are the ones making money on this deal! So awful!

  • Jeff

    Well, this morning I happened to see a $1.00 charge on my account. My first reaction was to jump on my teenage son. But on a hunch, I started checking it out. This scam is all over the internet. Like a previous poster said, why has the news not been all over this? My bank is pretty good about this stuff. However, this is a holiday and I can't speak to anyone today. I hope nothing major happens before I can talk to someone tomorrow. Wow, you would expect something like this from a two-bit company, but Apple is supposed to be above this kind of stuff. Goes to show you can't trust anyone these days.

  • Brian

    "So what would it take to get everyone to pursue a class action suit against apple?"

    No idea, but I'll be the first one to sign up, that's for sure.

    After reading what Kimberly posted above, I wonder if these attorneys are afraid of Apple and their gang of high-paid lawyers. I would not be surprised in the least.

  • Kimberly

    I think they are afraid, why else wouldn't an attorney pick this one up – it's a slam dunk. I'll keep looking to find an attorney with the sock big enough to take this on! It's crazy what Apple is getting away with! And it's been going on for Years, and they don't care – they are making money on it!

    It happened to me in May 2009, Fox News interviewed me along with others.

    Terrible isn't it?

  • Soe

    The same CRAP just happened to me. I'm not sure if it was a person i know or not. they took $140 worth of CHECK CRD PURCHASE 04/05 APL*ITUNES 866-712-7753 CA Craps!!!

  • scott j

    I got hit with this I-Tunes fraud on Friday, April 16. Four charges ranging from 46 to 48 dollars for a total of nearly 200 bucks stolen right out of my checking account in the name of I-Tunes!

  • Rhino

    Yesterday I signed up for a new iTunes account, and as part of the process, I had to put my card information down. I come home at about ten o' clock last night only to find that these people had already hacked my account, and was testing my card with a $1 pending charge from APL*ITUNES. I immediately googled this, saw that it was a scam, and canceled my card. I am so grateful that I caught this as soon as I could, I'm a poor college student that and do not have much money at all. I sympathize with all of you above, and I really think something needs to be done about this. Obviously this has been going on for at least a year, and Apple is obviously too lazy to do anything about it or help any of their loyal customers.

  • JT

    SOB! I noticed two $1 charges in my pending payments section through wells fargo from itunes. I never purchased anything so red flags went up in my mind, I copied the reference details and found all this info about $1 charges preceding larger fraudulent charges. So I do what comes natural, I cancel my card before I get hit and have to deal with my bank about my claim ect. Now, after researching this a little bit more, I see that apple charges $1 every time you change info regarding your itunes account, looking back all I had done was forget my password, doing this through my ipod, it was a simple process of confirming my personal info and entering a new password to be sent to my email. I ended up doing this twice because I decided I didn't like the first new password I chose. I mean harmless right, I mean I want to change my password so I change my password, who would think that you would be charged money for this?!

    Oh yeah, it's probably in some fine print somewhere, so technically bla bla and ignorance isn't an excuse bla bla. Come on, I've been using online services for a long time through many companies, never have I been charged for changing my password. Apple doesn't make this known because they are being deceitful and this little "innocent" $1 charge probably rakes in millions upon millions, every time someone sets up an account, bam $1, every time someone changes their address, password, CC or Dbt info ect….. bam $$$$$$$, all for nothing, for something that is handled quickly, automatically and unobserved through an automated system.

  • JT


    See, you did what your instincts led you to do, but in reality you probably had the same problem as me, it was only apple stealing $1 from you.

  • naoki

    I got hit for $330.. iTunes and processed via Paypal.. I let iTunes know.. filed a claim on Paypal, and did a stop payment through my bank.. I still got charged for it along with over draft fees.. Tomorrow looks like I'll be looking to get a Police report, file with the FTC, and calling my lawyers.. Since it looks like it's gonna get real ugly, real quick..

  • naoki

    Wow.. I filed a claim with Paypal and my Bank.. Even though my bank would have processed my funds return faster, Paypal did secure my funds and allowed me to transfer the funds back into my account. iTunes reversed the charges to Paypal. I was really surprised how easy that was for me.. I hope the rest of you have the same luck!! I think the key element was filing a police report, and giving the information to Paypal and my bank.

  • Aloha Joe

    Apple really sucks. They are using the customers and the customer's banks banks to provide their front line security for them. I had over $300 charged to my debt card by Apple iTunes. Some things were purchased for an iPad. I don't/won't own one of those useless things. Seriously, iPad =Sony's "My First iPhone!" The thing that REALLY pisses me off is that Apple benefits directly from this kind of fraud by collecting interest on the disputed charge until it's credited back or sent to the appropriate vendor. It's a freakin scam. For me, I'd LOVE to see a class action rise out of this. I think there is a class that can show tangible damage and hardship and that Apple directly benefited fiscally from the actual fraud while doing as little (often nothing) as they can to prevent it. If your an attorney and want to talk. Reply here.

  • Matthew G

    this just happened to my mom's credit card … about 4 transcations adding up to 60 bucks

    our bank seems like they will take care of it fortunately.

    question for you all though

    are the charges coming from ITUNE accounts that you own? or did the person who still your card make a new itunes account and then used your card?

  • ben

    I guess I got lucky so far. i've only been charged $33.88 but I run a computer repair business out of my house, and know about fishing and how to protect against fraud. this seems to me that someone at apple is selling information. I do 10X more business online than most people and this is the first time this has happened in the 6yrs I have been buying things over the internet. there is no way it happened on my end. it has to be someone in apples software.

  • KAS

    Just happened to me, but fortunately I caught it in time. I was checking my bank account online and noticed (2) pending charges for $1.00 for Itunes. I don't even own an ipod nor have I ever purchased itunes. My bank seems to think they were "testing" my account to make sure it was legit and was probably going to make more charges once the $1.00 transactions were approved.

    I can't remember the last time I even made an online purchase. The only thing I've done differently was visiting a Redbox for a DVD about 5 days ago.

    Best luck to the rest of you!

  • Matt

    Has anyone told a current affair program about this? they might be able to kick up a stink and warn other people.

  • KJ

    Add me to the list. I recently bought an iPod Touch and have downloaded many apps – most are free, but some I have paid for through my iTunes account (NOT linked through PayPal, thank goodness). The ones I have paid for are no more than $6.99. I checked my account this morning and BAM – I'd been hit with four unauthorized transactions totalling $656.25. I immediately went to the Apple website and – surprise, surprise – found NOTHING about how to deal with this situation. I tried calling the number listed on these charges and got a message directing me to their website. I went to their website and could find absolutely no way to contact them regarding this problem.

    I contacted my bank and was told there is nothing they can do yet because the charges are still pending. I have to go in on Monday (when the charges will probably clear and cause my account to be overdrawn) and file a dispute. I cancelled my card but will not receive another one for almost a week, and in the meantime I have bills coming out of my account that will probably not go through now. There is ALSO no guarantee that I will get this money back, because as far as I know there is no way to prove I didn't purchase these apps or whatever they are. I took my credit card info off of my iTunes account and changed the password. I tried to see what the charges were actually for, but the "report problem" link doesn't work.

    This is unbelievable to me. How is it possible that so many people have had problems like this, and yet nothing has been done? I have reported this incident to both the BBB responsible for Apple and the Internet Crime Complaint Center, but I'm not holding my breath. If anyone has other suggestions as to how to handle this, I'd be happy to hear them. This really sucks.

  • AA

    Like JP, I got the $1.00 test charge on my card Wednesday night, and noticed it last night while doing my regular paranoid check of my bank account (finally paid off!). I rang Citibank, and got put through to a fraud supervisor immediately, who seemed to know exactly what I was talking about, and cancelled my card and refunded the charge immediately. They're also sending me my new card ASAP, via registered delivery.

    Here's my issue: I have never used this card, or even this bank account, to purchase from iTunes. I am English, and have a UK iTunes account. Furthermore, I have only had this card around three weeks, as my previous debit card was flagged as being used somewhere (they didn't say where) that had subsequently been involved in identity theft. I've used that new card maybe 12 times, total, inbetween times, at least half of those in local shops I know and trust, and I think only once online. I hope Citibank take that into account when investigating this.

    I feel for those of you involved in disputing these claims; my bank were extremely helpful and efficient, and I have no complaints at all about my service.

  • mary

    Within the past week, my daughter downloaded the free Farm Story app from itunes. On May 7, I received 43 receipts for purchases from itunes. Purchases were for "gems" for Farm Story from Teamlava LLc. Also receive 43 emails from paypal confirming payments totaling over $4900 had been send to itunes. That's forty nine hundred!
    In 2 1/2 years I have made a total of $35 in purchases at itunes, and neither paypal nor itunes thought this volume was suspicious.
    Immediately contacted my bank which is my primary source of funding for paypal. They referred me to paypal, who in turn referred me to itunes who can only be contacted by email. At that time only $1600 in charges were shown as pending at my bank, so I thought that was the extent of the damage. In later contact with paypal, I was told I had a billing agreement with itunes which meant, simply accessing my itunes account enabled anyone to make purchases up to $5000 a month without ever entering my paypal password. I had been charged $4929.15 by itunes, but $3300 of it was ACH transfers that hadn't hit my bank account yet.
    Later discovered that when selecting paypal as payment choice you are directed to paypal where you accept their billing agreement. Simply says you authorize them to make payments to itunes. Gives no dollar amount. Who would charge $5000/month on itunes? (The limit for ebay was $100,000.) Check your paypal and cancel these agreements.
    Itunes has been absolutely no help at all. Basic form letter telling me to contact my bank and change my password. "They understand" my concern, but itunes can't reverse charges. Oh and "have a pleasant day". Further emails accomplished no more than wishing me "pleasant evening" and "a nice weekend".
    From reading the web, this is standard itunes response.
    This is not a $2.99 fraudulent charge. This is almost $5000 being paid to one app provider Teamlava LLC. When attempting to contact them, I find their website is a blank page, and the link to support leads to an email address. This app was posted on May 2, 2010. In 4 days they were able to make $5000 from me, and who knows how much from other itunes users, yet they are still available for download at itunes. That's how much concern itunes has for it's customers. Not sure what percentage of that $5000 itunes gets, but they are in no hurry to give it up.
    Beware when dealing with itunes and Farm Story app.
    I'm currently disputing the charges with paypal and my bank. Unfortunately the bank can't do anything until the money is taken out of my account. Seems like if someone could act quickly, this whole process could be stopped and the criminals caught. Itunes knows who they sending payments to, and where the purchases were made from.

  • Dave

    The gift certificate fraud happened to me yesterday.

    Apple says due to Electronic Funds Transfer Act they are "forbidden" from helping me. Right.

    Apple insinuates that this is the fault of hackers in China or someplace guessing my log in information and so nobody at Apple is to blame. But:

    1) they should be able to prevent password guessing software quite easily

    2) How do we know it wasn't just a disgruntled Apple employee – thus it would be their fault.

    I'm sure there are a few unhapply employees even in Steve Jobs delusional world.

  • CabinGirl

    I woke up this morning to 11 e-mail receipts from iTunes for $400 in purchases I did NOT make. I immediately tried calling someone, anyone to get this corrected. Of course customer service hours do not match my hours so I had to wait. My husband is dealing with them now. I contacted my bank because my account was linked to my debit card. They immediately told me I would not be liable for the charges and canceled my debit card and is issuing me a new one. My issue with Apple is this – I only have 2 computers authorized on my account – why have the computer authorization if they will allow other computers to make purchases to my account? I'm anxious to see where my husband gets with Apple. It won't be pretty if they try to fight him on it!

  • Deb

    The biggest question is (and this brings it right back to Apple's door) how are these people able to download purchases made on your account to their own computers? Surely when we sign up for an account, only one machine is able to download the data…
    Do like I did and cancel the card on the account, and use other reputable sites to purchase music in future. Apple will not change their ways until the profits start to drop; because with large companies like this, the only strength is in numbers. It makes me so angry that individual customers mean so little to them…

  • Jeremy

    I have just had this happen to me and supposedly the transaction took place Monday, April 5th of this year. Apple will not help me and so far it looks like my bank is not going to help me either. I have started a facebook group called "Apple needs to step up and investigate these fraudulent charges." All those who wish to join can do so at I think since Apple wants to keep this hush hush we should take it into our own hands to spread the news. Maybe then they'll feel like doing something about it :)

  • KJ

    WOW Mary, I am completely shocked at the amount that has been stolen from you. I really hope you can get this straightened out. It's not like you don't have OTHER stuff you need that money for , right? Seriously, like you said – who spends $5000 in one month on iTunes? I got the same form letter you did – with the added bonus of the person telling me his wife had been a victim of theft or fraud as well so he completely understands how I'm feeling. Oh, really?? Then DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!!

    Deb, you're right – Apple CLEARLY doesn't care about anything but making money, so they are not going to do anything about this. They made it very clear in their response to me that the responsibility is mine and, as always "iTunes cannot reverse the charges". Sadly, it seems they don't even care that this stuff has been reported in the news. As long as they're making a profit, it doesn't matter what their customers are dealing with.

    Plus, you'd think a high-tech company like Apple would find a way to make DAMN sure their loyal customers are protected better. Seriously, there is NOTHING they can do to keep this kind of illegal activity from happening? I don't believe that for one second.

    My status is still pretty much the same, except that my bank has replaced the money while the case is under investigation. Keep your fingers crossed that the money stay where it belongs – with ME, a hard-working person whose only fault has been trusting Apple too much.

  • mary

    UPDATE!!! I received 43 emails from Paypal this a.m. stating that my cases had been resolved and all money was being refunded. iTunes must have agreed to this since it was done so quickly. There really was no time for an investigation. Kudos to Paypal and iTunes!! Charges just cleared my bank account this a.m., but since the bank was aware of the situation and prepared to file claims, they will refund any charges to my account. Lesson learned – "Cancel all billing agreements with Paypal." Also upgraded all my passwords, and use a different password for each account. In the future, I'll be using a credit card for online purchases as opposed to a debit card, so that any fraud doesn't clean out my bank accounts. Hope everyone else has their cases resolved as well.

  • Carl

    Same thing here. I had two seperate charges of $200.00 each on the same day charged to American Express. Apple has been no help. I have called three times, even been given a case # but nothing had been done. I just filed a dispute AE

  • Mitch

    Happened to me on May 5th, just noticed today. Called the bank and they said they would cancel my card and refund the $1700, as well as send me a new card and "paperwork," whatever that means. I feel lucky, as in most of the posts I've read, the bank seems uncooperative. Although I am afraid that this "paperwork" will contain some sort of information saying I won't get my money back.

  • KJ

    Mitch, if your bank is anything like mine, the paperwork is probably confirmation of your dispute. I got that from my bank and sent it in, along with a lot of other documentation and a personal statement regarding the fraud, and within a few days the money was placed back in my account. It's there temporarily while the investigation is ongoing, but hopefully they'll find in my favor and not take it out again.

    @Mary – congratulations! You sound like one of the lucky ones!

  • Cindy Baker

    Same old story. However, these people are using ONLY my email address and not MY credit cards. These amounts have not hit my bank or credit union. I believe the phone number attached to my message is a false one and they are trying to get information by having us call to complain. The name and address of this so called purchaser is in Louisiana and her first name is the same as mine but that’s where it ends. I am going to call the police in that town and report the use of my email from this address and the fraud attempt. Otherwise, I’m not going to worry until I see money going out. I use a prepaid visa ( it never has more than 200.00 in it. If you’re all being billed for real, then start thinking about these new cards you got. Pay attention to where you use them and if more purchases show up, you’ve narrowed it down. Good luck and I’m BLOCKING iTunes also because they just didn’t care. They made no effort to stop the billing. They just want their money. They can go pound sand ‘cuz it’s not my card.

  • Ben Matanle

    Last night I too became the victim of iTunes fraud. I literally sat and watched the iTunes Receipts come into my inbox as the lowlife scum used my Card details to make purchase after purchase from the App store. But here's where my story differs slightly from the few posts I have read on here; my account was/is the iTunes UK store. Does that mean that this is an international security issue that Apple needs to address, or, does the fact that I am currently living in NY mean that gave the criminal/s access to my iTunes account?
    And here's where the story gets even more interesting. The week before, my wife's Debit card was twice used fraudulently in Walmart and once at a USPS, and not in NY – this happened in California. Neither I or my wife have ever been to CA. Her card was linked to a Chase account and mine to a British, Lloyds TSB account.
    I have just figured out that the common denominator is Apple iTunes. I have a US account set up and linked to my wife's Chase account, and my iTunes UK is linked to my Lloyds TSB account. So the weak link is indeed iTunes. Credit card details must be harvested from iTunes and then used wherever the harvester feels like spending the victims money.

  • Claudia

    I was checking the balances of our two checking accounts last night before going out to dinner and found 5 "memo/pending" charges from iTunes for about $40 each. Yelled at hubby. Had uncordial dinner. Got home and looked closer at the account and found 18 iTunes charges ranging from $40 and change to over $120 and change made between May 21 and the 24th – – total damage over $1200.

    Looked for "support" on iTunes website, had to write them the email with details, got automated response. Tracked down a phone number but only good between business hours.

    Went to bank this morning, told my sad tale to teller who yelled "yo Brenda, heres another iTunes victim". I live in a sleepy South Jersey community heavily populated with retirees.

    Glad I've found this board, misery loves company!

  • YYY

    Same thing happened to me. There were three fraud charges totaling $1100 on my credit cared. I canceled my card right way and fortunately, Amex was able to credited back the entire amount to me 3 days later. I reported to Apple, and filed a complaint with Fair Trade Commission. Apple was no help.

  • john stockwell

    I got hit for 350 and itunes is the freaken problem (fact) we should all sue them. mybe then they will start paying people back there money!!!!!!!

  • Ben Matanle

    FOLLOW UP: I cancelled the necessary bank card associated with my iTunes account. Notified the necessary bank department and they are refunding the money from the initial fraudulent expenditure.
    I then wrote an assertive email to iTunes via the apple support website found here, and I was then contacted by Henry. The following is our correspondence and the resulting outcome. (For those who do not wish to read it all – in short, it is worth pursuing iTunes to issue you "gift cards" for any outstanding fraudulent "delinquencies" and do not agree to first paying off the remaining balance.)

    Henry: "Hello Ben,

    My name is Henry, with iTunes Store Customer Support. I will be very happy to assist you today. I see where you are inquiring about some unauthorized charges made on your account. I hate to see one of our customers a victim of credit card fraud. I know how this is a major inconvenience for you when your credit has been compromised for someone else's enjoyment.

    Ben, I urge you to contact your financial institution as soon as possible to inquire about canceling the card or account and removing the unauthorized transactions. You should also ask them to launch an investigation into the security of your account. Your bank should then issue a chargeback for the purchases in order for you to be reimbursed for the charges. The iTunes Store cannot reverse the charges. In accordance with the Electronic Funds Transfer Act any, electronic transaction deemed to be or unauthorized, must by law be handled by the financial institution who issued the card.

    In the meantime, I strongly recommend you change your account password immediately. Changing the password will help to prevent anyone else from using your iTunes Store account to place orders without your knowledge. To increase the security of your account, choose a password that has at least eight digits and includes both letters and numbers. You can change your password using this website:…"

    BEN: "Dear Henry,

    I appreciate your email and your advice. I had already taken the steps that you suggested regarding my card and details.

    Let me get right to the point. I know that when this situation has occurred in the past for others that iTunes has issued gift cards (be that in physical form or electronically). These "gift cards" have then been used to offset the outstanding fraudulent balance incurred by the criminal who illegally obtained account details through the inadequate security protocol that iTunes uses.

    I want you to extend the same courtesy to me that has been extended to others who have been faced with this situation. I cannot and will not be paying off the charges that were incurred fraudulently due to the inept security measures that ITunes use. I cannot because; 1. My bank account has been put over the limit of my overdraft and I have canceled the credit card associated with that account. 2. There is no way I am ever going to allow iTunes access to my credit card details unless they radically improve on their internet account security and have evidence to prove that it is effective.

    Apple have had £181.45 out of me that I will not get back from you or be credited for by iTunes, so the least you can do is waive the £4.75.

    So in short Henry, I want you to issue me an iTunes "Gift Card" to the value of £4.75 GBP and we will say no more about the matter.

    Your assistance in this matter is greatly appreciated.


    Ben Matanle."

    HENRY: "Hello Ben,

    This is Henry. I can understand the inconvenience this has caused you with your bank. I have reviewed your email reply for a resolution.

    Ben, just to let you know, I have requested assistance with this issue. You will receive an email after the matter has been investigated and further information is available.

    Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to assist you with your iTunes Store account. I hope that you have a wonderful day!"

    ENTER: "David"

    DAVID: "Hey Ben,

    David here from iTunes Customer Support. I just wanted to introduce myself because I'll be taking over this request from here on out.

    I'm currently waiting to hear back from the department that is taking a look at this issue, so the second I have more information about this I'll contact you immediately.

    Thank you so much for all of your continued patience!

    Best Wishes,

    David C.
    iTunes Store Senior Advisor
    Please Note: I Work Tue-Sat 6:00am to 3:00pm (PST)"

    DAVID: "Hey Ben,

    David here again, thank you so much for all of your patience I really appreciate it. I just wanted to let you know that this order has now been cleared from your account. so you shouldn't be prompted about any delinquencies anymore. You might be receiving an invoice pertaining to this order but please disregard, as it's just relating to the order itself closing."

    BEN: "Dear David,

    Thank you ever so much for your help in resolving this issue. This is the first (and I hope the last) time that this has happened in the time that I have had an account with iTunes; however, I know this is not an isolated incident.

    With that in mind, please could you do one last thing for me? Would you please make a recommendation to the necessary department, that they might investigate the integrity of the security governing the account details of iTunes customers. There is documented evidence of many other iTunes users having had their account information used fraudulently. A comprehensive list of whom can be found here,

    It is worth getting this addressed or at least publicly acknowledged, because at present, Apple are the ones who come out of this this situation looking like the bad guys. You get our money, refuse to refund us what has been stolen due to inadequate security of our account information and then charge us for any additional fraudulent fees incurred. The banks, do their part in cancelling our cards, they shell out the cash to refund us what was stolen, whilst Apple and the thieves are the ones who profit. Now is not the time to bury one's head in the sand. Integrity is something that is long earned yet can be lost in a moment.

    Once again, many thanks for your assistance in resolving this issue.


    Ben Matanle."

  • itunes_took_my_money

    Apple iTunes have charged me TWICE with unauthorized charges.
    The first one was on 5/24/10 for $3.18 from “APL*ITUNES 866-712-7753 CA.” It did not alarm me nor set me back in my finances, but I did “Report a Problem” with iTunes and instructed very politely to remove the charge. There was no reply and no reimbursement.
    The second unauthorized charge came yesterday, 6/07/10, for $2,272.20 from “APL*ITUNES 866-712-7753 CA.” YES, that’s correct, $2,272.20!!! I immediately emailed iTunes (twice) to report the charges were unauthorized. Still, well after 24 hours, I have not received a single reply from iTunes. Do they have any kind of customer service? Recorded messages, on their phone systems telling me to go online to report an error, are not customer service.
    In the meantime, my bank advised me to report my card stolen. Hopefully the bank can help get my money back.

    I am mad with Apple iTunes for 4 reasons.
    1. They did not take any action after I reported a fraudulent charge on 5/24/10, and I feel the second fraudulent charge could have been prevented if they actually cared about their customers and their comments.

    2. The products bought for $2,272,20 were in Chinese. I have never bought anything in any foreign language, and my account is in the US and has never been used elsewhere. But I guess anyone can learn Chinese in a day or two and move to China, right?

    3. The fraud has purchased one item for $2.99 and (7) items at $299.99 each, then the tax was $169.28; totaling $2,272.20. Now I am a customer who spends no more than maybe $12.00 per month (if any) on iTunes; does it not raise a suspicion or set off an alarm that the customer’s iTunes account information have been stolen? Or verify the purchase with me when the supposed account holder makes a single purchase of $2,272.20; and (7) of the items in the purchase are identical?

    4. I have searched on Google that many people have been victimized by similar or the same fraud. I have read complaints by victims that date back to August of 2007. They, too, did contact iTunes but since I just got charged $2,272.20 yesterday for a transaction that I did not authorize, it proves that iTunes have not taken a single action to prevent the frauds and protect their customers. Bottom line, iTunes have known that their program has been used illegally by frauds since 2007 and they have not taken any action. It is wrong for them to look the other way.

  • OrlandoMom

    My husband didn't check his "junk mail" email account to see the $650+ in iTunes charges over a two day period made by hackers, right after he had made a $2.99 purchase of "Ultimate Guitar Tabs" app. Judging by the large number of Chinese songs, it seems our hacker was from there. Our bank, Barclay, who first alerted us to the suspicious online charges, has promised to remove all the illegitimate charges before our MC statement is due. I'm staying optimistic about that but am leery of making future iTunes music and app purchases. How else can you buy them without a CC? At least it wasn't our bank account directly!

  • itunes_took_my_money

    To OrlandoMom,
    I cannot promise you, but I am pretty sure your bank will take care of your issues. You are lucky and smart enough to use your CC, not your debit/check card like I did. I have lost $2,272.20 from my checking because I have used my debit/check card. However, I filed a claim with my bank and in (2) days, they have already given me back all of the money that was stolen from my account.
    Regarding your question about purchasing without using your CC, buy and use iTunes gift cards. It might be tedious, but at least the frauds cannot take much from you and your bank accounts are not exposed. I hope this helps.

  • Gini

    This just happened to me. My Apple iTunes account was hacked. I actually figured that out a month ago and after hours spent trying to get some customer support finally got a reply and worked with someone to supposedly secure my account. They explained that somehow my account got re-registered to someone in Vietnam well over a year ago. But I had no security problems with iTunes or otherwise in that period. Two weeks after "securing" my account I began getting fraudulent iTunes charges. Now I can't figure out how to get through to anyone in Apple customer service. Anyone have a suggestion? I did cancel my card.

  • Ben Matanle

    @ Gini from California – Hi Gini you can use this link to reach someone in customer service. I outlined the complete process and the outcome six posts above.

  • KJ


    Good luck getting hold of someone in customer service – and I use the term lightly. You can email them and tell them what the problem is, but all you'll get in response is a letter telling you they can't (WON'T) help you. They might clear delinquencies if you are as persistent and persuasive as Ben was (way to go, Ben!), but as far as getting a refund of fraudulent charges? Forget it. Apple refuses to take responsibility whatsoever, instead, throwing it back on you, the consumer, who did nothing wrong.

    This is what Apple sent to the Better Business Bureau in response to the complaint I filed shortly after I found fraudulent activiy in my iTunes account:

    "Dear Ms. McCool: Thank you for your recent correspondence to the executive offices of Apple regarding the above referenced customer. Apple records confirm Ms. Callaway contacted Apple on May 1, 2010, to report a series of fraudulent charges to her iTunes Store account. Apple declined Ms. Callaway’s request for a refund of the unauthorized purchases, and referred her to her financial institution suggesting she request an investigation into the security of her account. Ms. Callaway’s iTunes Store account was also disabled and her credit card number banned to prevent further fraudulent activity. Since Ms. Callaway has indicated her credit card has been fraudulently charged, Apple strongly urges her to contact her credit card company as soon as possible to inquire about canceling the card and removing the unauthorized transactions. If Ms. Callaway suspects the transactions are the result of identity theft, consider following these recommendations provided by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC): 1) Contact the fraud departments of any one of the three consumer reporting companies to place a fraud alert on your credit report. 2) Close the accounts that you believe have been used without your knowledge. 3) File a report with your local police. 4) File a complaint with the FTC. For more information, visit the FTC website at While Apple maintains our previous decision of declining a refund for the reported unauthorized purchases, Apple will fully cooperate with law enforcement officials and financial institutions who are investigating the unauthorized use of a credit card. Sincerely, Stuart McKenzie Corporate Executive Relations Apple

    Initial Response Summary
    Apple will fully cooperate with law enforcement officials and financial institutions who are investigating the unauthorized use of a credit card."

    Isn't that amazingly unhelpful? In my opinion, just the fact that they have these standard form letters to send out is an admission of guilt and an acknowledgement that this is an ongoing problem that they have NO intention of fixing. It's abhorrent and repulsive that a company like this absolutely, categorically denies any fault and refuses to help their customers.

    Good luck to those of you still dealing with this. I'm on edge, as well, waiting for the fraud investigation to be resolved.

  • Gini Barrett

    Thanks so much for the good comments and advice, but most of all the sympathy. It can drive you nuts to feel alone against the uncaring giants. And Apple is one of the worst. I came close to buying all Apple technology a couple of years ago and "luckily" had cause to deal with their customer service first. Made me a PC girl FOREVER. But these days you can't avoid them completely.

    The consumer complaint group that does get under corporate skin is:
    I plan to add this to their info when I have some time this week. Recommend that more do. We should also send personal letters directly to Steve Jobs.

    I frankly have not been crazy about downloading music as it seems to have a limited life span, or the risk of such. I want to own my music. I want it to be permanently mine. So I don't think I will be buying from iTunes again. I fear more and more interesting artists may only be available that way, but perhaps I will have to live without their work.

  • Scott

    Same thing just happened to me…I got the random $1.00 pending authorization from APL*ITUNES. I called my bank and they said I should call Apple. Apple's number is a recording tell you to get online. I reported my card stolen. As it stands right now, I'm only out a $1, but I wasn't going to let them mess with me at all. Its frustrating enough not to have access to my bank account for a few days while a card is being mailed to me.

  • karl schmidt

    Add my name to the list, folks…1st fraudulent $36.22 charge came in over memorial day weekend, saw it on 30MAY10, replied to the "do not" originator, saying charge was fraudulent; hadn't seen all the internet discussions re this situation, so waited to see if it ever posted to my credit card. On 02JUN10, when I saw the charge appear @my credit card site, IMMEDIATELY contacted c/c bank to do a chargeback, and block any further iTunes charges. 2nd charge, for $29.93, arrived in email today, 04JUN10, again from seemingly "legitimate" apple/iTunes site. I'd already changed my iTunes password to a multi-character/tough-to-guess/phish' setting.

    Frankly, I came to iTunes because several respected sites recommended it as a good place to download their podcasts, free, or otherwise(eg Rick Steves Travel) They certainly should be notified of this situation w/iTunes, and perhaps by doing so we can start a move toward using other podcast download sites, away from iTunes' shoddy security.

    Also, per another discussion site, US citizens might want to join me in reporting to Internet Crime Complaint Center ( If enough of us do it, perhaps iTunes/Apple might awaken from their complacency &/or lack of concern when the US feds (FBI, FTC, etc) come calling.

  • Mike

    19 charges from “APL*ITUNES 866-712-7753 totally over $900. I don't think I'll have any better luck reaching apple but I guess I'll give it a shot. Purchases were all for Chinese music, songs, and applications. Probably building up a database of pirated files to sell on a knock off website.

    Anyone have any luck getting a response from Apple? Also, does anyone have any idea how they are gaining access to the itunes accounts? I was on the train yesterday in Chicago and I noticed my iphone was hooked up to free wifi which I did not click to authorize. It seemed strange so I turned my wifi off and 12 hours later my account was run through.

  • Kim

    I got hit with $500 fraudulent charges last week. I'm livid that this problem has been going on for half a decade now and no one has made it public! Of course iTunes won't change their security measures, they've got a goldmine in interest alone, not to speak of the kids out there who give up trying to recoup their losses.

    What amazes me is folks who go through this would even consider to continue to do business with an outfit who thinks so little of your privacy and hard earned dollars. Our ipods/iphones are history!

    Contact the Attorney General in your state, file the complaint. Every notch in the belt of Apple from the AG can help pave the way for class action. Just getting online and venting for 6 years hasn't accomplished a thing! I've contacted all national news agencies and asked that they consider running a story on this… Dateline would probably consider it also if just asked to do a google search on iTunes fraud and look at the lists of victims. God help 'em if someone gets Oprah on their case :)

  • Kael

    I have been through fraud, including iTunes fraud, four times in my life. I have lost a lot of money in all cases except the iTunes fraud.

    It started with an e-mail to iTunes support. They mailed be back with contacting my bank, cancelling that card, changing my password, Identity theft, etc. All of this makes sense, if you think about it, because your credit card is where the money came from… it is the source of the funding. iTunes is really the middleman that transfers your money to its designated areas (App Developers, Artists/labels, etc.) I called my bank, and they referred me back to iTunes. Now, this sounded like finger pointing to me so I got a little angry and mailed back to iTunes. They pointed me back to my bank, but they mentioned I need to ask my bank to issue "Chargeback" orders to iTunes and they would shut down any account using my information as well as release my funds back to the bank. So, I called my bank again and viola, they opened an investigation and were more than happy to proceed. In a few weeks I had my money back.

    All in all, a pleasant experience. A lot of you are harping on iTunes to have better security, but if you read the article above you will find out why you are all harping for no reason. It says above

    "It works in three stages. First, the thieve steals your (or some unlucky person’s) credit card details over the internet. Then, they make a small purchase through iTunes. Since the value of purchase is usually less than $10, little or no warning is given to the cardholder"

    I am no big fan of Apple to be honest. I think their "Windows is too complicated" campaign was ridiculous. Steve Jobs' tyriads on software companies are like a two-year-old temper tantrum. But how is this Apple's fault? It is Apple's fault your information is duplicated? Keyloggers are the result of software that is put on your computer that logs you passwords and user ID's. This is a compromise in YOUR system.

    Apple's fault? No.

    A credit or debit card can be duplicated at any location you may swipe it at. In fact, sometimes it can be copied remotely, and a security code is usually only three digits… with a few hours of spare time anyone could guess that code.

    Apple's fault? No.

    The theif uses the password retrieval system after getting access to your e-mail account and changes your account information to lock you out (also a common theft attempt).

    Apple's fault? No.

    Think about it. If Apple made it exceedingly difficult to sign up for iTunes no one would sign up for it. People need access, having going through ten layers of security and 17 pages of back-up security information to ensure YOU are YOU is going to make people turn away and go to Amazon or piracy. Apple is like any service. I signed up for Amazon in less than three minutes, and eBay in less than seven.

    Why not just make it so iTunes only authorizes one computer to an account? We live in a world where we want everything portable and wireless. People would complain ceaselessly that they could not download at a friend's house, or at the cafe's wireless hotspot. There would just be no pleasing people. iTunes does use SSL security technology and keeps account information pretty safe by only displaying some of it when in the Account Information page. Credit cards are blanked out except for the last four digits. Computer's are just that, and they are only as smart as their users. iTunes does not know YOU from anyone else in the world, and thus accessing an account from a remote or secondary location (and Country) becomes the flavour of the month. If making a purchase became ten times more difficult, YOU the customer would not be willing to put in the time and probably give up on iTunes. However, these thieves are and would still sit through ten pages of security measures to get free music. Just what do you want iTunes to do, retina scan and blood samples? Name a 100% secure, public friendly internet security measure.

    I think that iTunes suffers from fraud as it is the flavour of the month. eBay fraud ran as a rampant eDisease not long ago, and everyone was up in arms because eBay was popular with the general public. Everyone was using it. Now, since Apple is one of the frontrunners in technology and purchasing, iTunes becomes the next target. And somewhere along the road when another company stomps on iTunes they will all move over to that company… and I am sure most of you will be there to complain and forget all about how "unsecure" iTunes is.

    iTunes is like anything else in life, a calculated risk that YOU signed up for. When you walk out onto the street any number of things can happen, you can even get mugged. When you sign up for ANY internet service you can be frauded. Each one of you complaining needs to examine what you wrote again, and think about the article above when examining it. It outlines perfectly that your information is taken BEFORE iTunes is even involved. And for all of you complaining who more than likely got your money back, isn't it great that no matter how angry you are there is still a support team out there willing to see you through it.

  • Sherian

    On March 9, 2010 my Chase Visa account was charged $36.39, $48.41, $75.37 and $43.59 to iTunes. I do not even have an iTunes account, so this was quite a surprise to me. There were also two other illegal charges to Steam Games ($75.37 and $43.59). I was not aware of this until I tried to use my account on March 12th. I couldn't access my account so the next day I called my credit card service rep and was told that my card had been blocked. My card was cancelled and a new card was issued to me. There was no explanation of how or why my card was blocked since I did not do it, but I'm glad the card service saw to do it. In the meantime I've written a letter to dispute the illegal charges which total $266.87. I wish that all companies would ask for the special 3-digit security number that is on the back of every credit. I don't believe the transaction could have occurred if this were required. I did not lose my card and there are no extra cards that other people might have. Since my online transactions are suppose to be secure it is very puzzling when such an event occurs to break the system.

  • Sherian

    Back on March 9th, my Chase Visa had charges for iTunes and Steampunk Games. I have NO account with either of them. Chase had blocked my card on March 11th. I found this out when I tried to do an online purchase. Chase said they could not tell me what had flagged them to block the account. Of course, it's good that they did. I was issued a new card and new account number. After talking with Chase Fraud department and filling out some papers that were sent to me, my account was credited with the charges which amounted to $266.00.

  • Ben Matanle

    Wow Kael! How long have you worked for Apple? I imagine that you were paid by the minute for your "article" above.

    Despite the points you made, you seem to be missing one of the main ones mentioned by many, before you came on the scene. That is Apple failed to act on significant abnormalities in consumer buying trends; ones that in most cases deviated wildly from their "normal" purchasing patterns.

    For you to say, "iTunes does not know YOU from anyone else in the world, and thus accessing an account from a remote or secondary location (and Country) becomes the flavour of the month." is flippant and ignorant of the fact that iTunes actually invests a lot of time into making it their business to "know" their customers so that playlists and other media advertisements are individually tailored to suit the user based on their previous purchases and or playlists – Hence the "Genius" feature.

    To quote "itunes_took_my_money" from their post above,

    "The products bought for $2,272,20 were in Chinese. I have never bought anything in any foreign language, and my account is in the US and has never been used elsewhere. But I guess anyone can learn Chinese in a day or two and move to China, right?"

    So, for a company who makes it their business to know us through our purchasing patterns for the sake of targeted advertising and with the wealth of technology available to Apple, I find it incomprehensible that there is not a flagging system in place when someone who apparently lives in the USA blows $2,272,20 on Chinese products!

    And there is a second point that you glibly glossed over Kael, whether, "all of [those] complaining" got their money back or not, you seem to fail to understand the sheer inconvenience of having to cancel and then reorder a credit card when living over seas. But then again, I expect you are more concerned about whether or not you will walk out onto the street and get mugged.

  • Charlene Snavely

    Hello all,
    The same thing just happened to me to the TUNE of approx 1,000. I have contacted Apple Support and they could not help me. They said their fraud dept was too small. That is bunk.
    I have just emailed the FBI interent crime division, Steve Jobs 4 different emails, everyday I send the same emails to his addresses. I have contacted Opra and I am contacting my local newspaper and TV.
    My situation is bad, I am unemployed have no job and my benefits exhaust this week. So now my account is overdrawn because of the Apple Itunes fraud. My bank is trying to help me, but what I don't understand that Apple computer does not have better security in place. I believe it is coming from within their organization. Its one thing to have this done to you but its another to say they cant help yoiu. I have also emailed Apple support numerout emails and this article and have emailed this to Steve Jobs. I have always fought for injustice and have a personality that does not quit, I wish I would have been a lawyer. I am very resourceful and will reasearch for hours.
    I have also just emialed the CEO of Capital One. I called them to try to set up a payment plan so I can pay them what I owe, because at this point I can't and they could not help me. I said you would rather lose your money than set up a payment plan that is affordable. No they could help me. That did it.
    I am on a mission now. The average American Citizen who has worked their whole life always paid their bills and now no one will help. There is something wrong with that picture.

    If anyone is interested in joining in my fight for justice just let me know.

  • KP

    The beat rolls on. My wife and I were just scammed out of about $150 in the span of an hour. We got lucky as we were up checking out accounts this morning and noticed something weird. As we tried to contact iTunes more charges rolled in. We ended up calling the bank and getting the card cancelled since iTunes was impossible to get help from(phone conversation went nowhere and online support was not loading). I looked online to see if anything like this had happened to others and lo and behold it has been happening for quite a while. Just incredible…

    Totals: $41.72 $43.62 $49.28 $1.00 $17.03

  • Todd Poole

    Chalk me up for over $500 in fraudelent charges all in a single day. None were for over $50 and all were for odd dollar amounts.

    I don't have an itunes account and have never had one. I can't even talk to Apple because I can't get past the need to first give them account information I've never had.

    For the apologists, I hold the thief that steals my money accountable even if they are unknowing accomplices and dupes. I'll probably get my money back. It is intolerable that Apple doesn't have mechanisms in place to aggressively pursue fraud quickly enough to put a stop to this by working to put these crooks in jail. By not accepting responsibility to help fix the problem they are being complicit in the fraud itself.

    Kind of makes me glad I don't own anything made by Applie. Guaranteed I'll never do business with them in the future, except when they are stealing from me.

  • Kael

    Ben, I do not work for Apple, I currently work for a local fast food chain. Although, were my skills more up to date I would enjoy the chance, even the chance to try "fix" their "security flaw" and make the public somehow happy.

    Nothing I said is ignorant or flippant, what I said is truth and the fact you call if ignorant and flippant demonstrates you know it is truth. Apple does not know you from anyone else, the "Genius" feature is a sinple string of code that lumps artist with genre and creates playlists and suggestions for you. We are all HUMAN, meaning our tastes change constantly. Personally, I listen to a vast amount of Japanese, Spanish and German music in addition to my North American artists. Based on YOUR assumption, iTunes should take the fact that I made a Japanese purchase for the first time last week as fraud and thus do something? And what action is appropriate. Suspend my account, call me. I would be just as angry if my account was summarily suspended based on the fact I wanted to purchase a Japanese song when all I purchased before was North American artists. I, like many, would most likely feel labelled because by Apple's definition my purchase was out of the norm and thus I am a "hacker". No amount of computer code or man-hours can predict human change and tastes in media. Tomorrow, you could hear a song by a South Korean artist, and enjoy it… try to download it on iTunes. Would you like them to suspend your account because of that?

    Apple does take any time to get to know the people who use iTunes. Apple uses a string of programming to make the sharade, and they have succeeded (in your case) to offer customers "related" material in receipts, and on iTunes itself.

    Again, sheer inconvenience is ludacris. Having a credit card is something you as a person accept to have, with all the "rights" and "responsibilities" therein. The information gets stolen, or you have the possibility of your information being taken, then it is your job to do what needs to be done. And, I may have touched on this in my earlier post, but I may not have. Everyone has the Terms and Conditions placed squarely in front of you when you sign up to iTunes… when you sign up to anything. It clearly states that Apple is not responsible for unauthorized charges. True, and I agree, it is pretty horrible for a company that (supposedly and greatly according to you) cares so much about us to abandon us during a time like fraud… but if you do not like it you do not have to sign up for it. You can back out right there, decline, and take your credit card elsewhere to be defrauded (because it will happen elsewhere, too.). You stood in front of Jobs and while he said "If someone takes your money, I am not giving it back" and you nodded and said "No problem, I take full responsibility". When it happens, like true public fashion, you cry and whine that the company that said it was not their job to help you is not helping you.

  • Terrie

    I to have become victim, but I check my bank account 3 to 4 times per day just to check out the goings on! I checked this morning and there was a $1.00 purchase from appleitunes CA I was at work when I noticed. I called the phone number that was associated with the purchase it was a recording. I then called my bank because I have a blackberry not an i phone and my daughter has an ipod, but we have never bought a song from apple or anywhere else. I asked her about the charge and told her I would call her back later hence being at work to make a dispute of the charges. A few moments later I copied and pasted the charge into google and found this site and thank god for that. I told my boss I must leave work for the day it was an emergency. I went down to my bank closed my account and put a dispute on the dollar and whatever else may try and come in. I certainly hope that everyone that has been put through the ringer like this for however much it was, was refunded. I would like to thank you all for posting this info. I was able to secure the funds in my bank account without having to wait days on end for a resolve so thank you all very much!!

  • Pogie

    Me too, hit over the past week.

    Apple's response has been the single worst customer experience I have ever had in my life.


  • Kristie

    Add me to the list. iTunes is advising me to do chargebacks to get my money back, and my financial instutition advised that is not the proper way to handle these matters if it is a debit card that carries a credit card logo.

    Someone actually made $150 in purchases using MY iTunes account. iTunes would swear that they had my credit card number and then created an iTunes account. I know that they actually hacked into my account, because I received the confirmation emails. How stupid do they think their consumers are? I am very disappointed in Apple.

    Do not get me started on the customer service. It is insane.

  • KJ

    I can't believe how many people this is still happening to. It's unbelieveable to me how uncaring Apple is about this issue and how unwilling they are to help – or at least correct the problem.

    I am fortunate that my bank was able to get these charges reversed after an intensive investigation – but it wasn't all just luck. I was told that the documentation I submitted along with my dispute was instrumental in getting this mess cleared up for me.

    My advice to those of you who are still struggling with getting this resolved – DOCUMENT EVERYTHING. I submitted copies of emails I sent to Apple, the IC3 and the BBB, copies of their responses, links to websites like this that deal with this issue, and even screenshots of my iTunes control panel (I was desperate). I wrote a cover letter detailing exactly what happened and explaining that Apple was taking no steps to correct this, other than suggesting I change my password and report this to my financial institution. Duh! I also made double sure that iTunes no longer has access to my financial information and got a new card issued so the old one can't be used at all.

    Yes, it IS a pain. No, it ISN'T fair that scumbags who would rather steal from us than make an honest living are able to do things like this. If Apple won't do anything about it – which they clearly won't – the only thing we can do is take steps to protect ourselves and spread the word that this stuff is going on.

    I really do hope this gets resolved for everyone who has posted here. I kind of feel I got off lucky compared to so many of you as far as the amount stolen goes, but that doesn't in any way diminish the amount of sympathy I have. NO ONE deserves this.

  • Michael

    Seems that I have become a victim of iTunes failure as well. I received a call from my bank on Saturday (today!) about potential fraudulent activity on my account. After looking at the items in question and my iTunes account purchase history I did indeed see over $100 in purchases that I did not make. They were for about ten different applications ranging from Chinese-only to Dictionaries with each costing about $10 apiece.

    I'm going through the dispute process with my bank and have had my card canceled as well has having changed my iTunes account password to something long and difficult to remember. There is still a $27 charge pending that prevents me from removing my billing information without accepting the charge. I can't do that (even if I wanted to) now that my card has been canceled.

    I am now stuck in limbo of having my account information lingering on a site that I now know to be insecure as well as having to deal with non-existent customer service Apple has.

    How do people get access to this information? User name and password information isn't hard to get if someone really wants it, but that's usually because many companies don't protect this very simple yet important information very well.

  • Anna Thauberger

    I entered a complaint with IC3 about itunes fraud. Itunes tried to make me pay for a hacker's ATTEMPTED purchases in order for me to keep using my account (I had canceled the old card from previous hacking, so it did not go through), then, they told me to enter a new card and make my bank pay for the ATTEMPTED charges. They would not remove them. Then, they disabled my account to I don't even have access to what I bought before.

  • Meg

    I've been using iTunes for several years now, and have never had a problem – until today. This morning, I logged on to my bank account like I do every day. I immediately noticed that the balance on my checking account seemed off, and lo and behold: There were a bunch of random charges in the "pending transaction" section for Apple iTunes store. They "only" totaled just over $100, but I immediately freaked out and tried to log in to my iTunes account to see what was up. I was told my password was invalid, so I went over to the "retrieve a lost password" section where I was told that my Apple ID is invalid. Huh? I've used the same Apple ID for years – it's my email address.
    I'm certain that somebody got into my iTunes store account because there have been no other transactions on my check card, and it was (unfortunately) linked to my Apple ID.
    I immediately had the card canceled and visited the bank this morning. They told me that I have to wait until the charges go all the way through before they can open an investigation. Luckily, my bank is great and I'm not too concerned about getting the charges reversed.
    What DOES concern me is that this seems to happen a heck of a lot, especially for a major company like Apple. How did someone get my ID and password? Why is my account now inactive/inaccessible? What the cat hair is going on here? I sent an email to Apple (after wading through page after page of random BS) and am awaiting a reply. I'd at least like to know what the thieves purchased, and I'd like to regain access to my account since there (was) a gift card balance still open on it.

  • Rosemarie

    This is still happening. Someone charged 6 iTunes transactions to my PayPal account two days ago. The amounts were all in the $42-48 range with the first charge being $2.28. I have never purchased anything through iTunes and don't own any Apple equipment. My account was setup when I got a free video download last fall and forgot to cancel the account. These charges used the $51 that was in my PayPal account and now my checking account is overdrawn by $148 when I had a $100 balance yesterday.

    PayPal and Bank of America are working on this, however, Apple has offered no help at all. The rep told me to go online to Apple security and cancel my account.

    With Apple's policy of not helping, they are in effect aiding and abetting these thiefs and thus, stealing our money.

  • A K

    Just happened to me while I was on vacation with no internet access.

    Someone billed several purchases through paypal to my checking account directly adding up to $450 (around $40 each purchase of random stuff)

    They switched to paypal with my credit card and added up another $300 (around $40 each purchase of random stuff) before I got home and saw the flood of 17 email recipts. Luckly the paypal folks cancelled the link just before the next purchase attempt was made and caused my itunes account to lock up from a bounced payment.

    I have been very impressed with both Discover card and Paypal security contacts giving me a great deal of help on how to file all the information (human beings + phone conversations).

    Apple has been a little less helpful due to the iPod phone service telling me they don't have access to iTunes information.

    For iTunes I have to handle everything via email correspondence with someone in broken english that looked like it was auto-generated.

    I sure hope that Apple eats the bill and not Discover/Paypal (or me since I have not got my money refunded yet).

    Does anyone else think it is a horrible idea to have to use the iTunes application to change account information instead of a separate website? I mean, if the iTunes client is compromised I have no safe way of changing my information…

  • Joao

    Beware of the Farm Story and other Team Lava games scam. The games are free and then you can buy stuff with real money. But while any other honest games warn you when you're about to use real money and ask for your itunes password, with these thieves that does not happen. Without you being aware of what you are doing you are saying "yes, you can steal my money". I didn't even noticed how much it was because they don't even warn you about a relation between the game money and real money.

    iTunes should be ashamed. To me I was stolen and iTunes helped.

  • robert got taken too

    Another added to the list…in two days, $40.17, then $40.06, then, as I was on the phone with Chase Bank, another $27.00, right in front of my eyes (I was looking at my "recent purchases" on-line simultaneously.

    Chase told me that unfortunately they can't put a hold on iTunes store purchases, because the purchases are actually through individual retailers (app developers). What a crock.

    I would gladly join a class-action suit. Not a lot of money, but it isn't the money, it's the principle….

  • Dave

    Just today 73 transactions Drain my checking account taking $3,908 (plus $450 in bank fees now). Paypal stated they are fully aware of the fraud going on and will refund the money. They wanted to take 7 to 10 days to give me my $3,908 in cash back. I had to demand, and really demand to speak to a Manager, the CS rep didn't care I was out $4,000 from my checking account. The Manager put the claims in and having money wired back on Monday. He told me that they are seeing several of these and its growing problem. So far I am the unlucky one with record money taken. The Manager was a good person, understood, worked closely with me to fix. Still going Monday AM to dispute charges with bank to ensure all $$ is returned and all credits for fees given. Also blocked all ITunes transactions with PayPal. Frozen bank account to lock it down.

    The issue is Paypal is aware of this but still allowing the transactions. My Itunes account doesn't even point to PayPal, it only has a credit card on file. This is 100% fraud against PayPal and not Itunes. The additional problem is it is hitting bank accounts, your Visa and Master Cards have fraud protection and blocks that would never allow that many similar amounts and transactions. However, my stupid bank on their checking accounts don't have basic fraud blocks, such a simple thing to put in place.

    Watch your PAYPAL ACCOUNT, remove all records of your BANK information. MAKE sure your PAYPAL accounts was never authorized to allow Itunes auto withdrawal, if so remove it now.

  • ven

    Yes this is happening, and no Apple is of no help. Apple is not working on the issue. You can easily find this out by trying to talk to an Apple representative about account security…they won't talk to you.

    I had an itunes account in 2008. I never purchased anything at that time, but I did set up my account with my paypal listed as payment.

    I noticed while checking my email one night that fraudulent non-authorized purchases had been made from my account. I have had nearly $4,000 stolen from my checking account in 24 hour time frame beginning August 26th.

    When attempting to call Apple no live agent will speak to me regarding issue. Only way to speak to a live customer service is to ask for a technician! You are then redirected to email them if you need assistance with security. So they will help fix your iphone over the phone but not talk with you regarding an emergent issue of account security! They do however try to blame the account hacking on paypal….even tho the only fraudulent charges came from itunes! Paypal has been so helpful and will talk to you at least. I bawled my eyes out to some poor Paypal guy (prolly ruined his day) . I am told my money will be reimbursed in 48-72 hours…crossing my fingers!

    I can promise you I will never own an Apple product again, I will make sure all of my friends are aware as well. Whoever hacked into my account didn't even need my itunes password to charge nearly $4,000! Their account security sucks and so does their customer service! I already reported to the Better Business Bureau too so that perhaps others will have a chance to read a review before purchasing a product from you.

  • A.Hovan

    2 fraudulent transactions took place on my Bank of America credit card via Apple Store account totaling over $77.17. First charge was made for $43.22 on June 15, 2010. I have sent an email to Apple and contacted BofA. I have not heard anything from Apple. BofA closed my account. On June 16 we were on 23 hour flight on a plane to Europe and arrived on June 18. Apple have placed another charge to my account on June 17, while my credit card was closed (I did not have my new card yet).
    On August 2, 2010 I have finally decided to update my account information with Apple since I had 14 pending updates for FREE software on my Iphone. In order to update your existing software (even if you don’t have any piece of software that cost more than $0.00) Apple requires you to give them your up to date credit card information. Once I gave them my new credit card number, expiration date and security code they have placed a new charge of $33.95 to my cc account with a new date of Aug. 02, 2010. This is the 2nd fraudulent transaction shown in Apple account (via Itunes software) with the date June17, 2010 when my account was closed, I was on a plane and I did not even had my new card in my possession. I have never downloaded/installed on my Iphone any piece of software that cost more than $0.00. As of today, Aug. 5, 2010 I have signed to Apple Store account and removed my credit card information in hope to stop further fraudulent transaction occurrences. I assume Apple has thief employees who use our credit card information to place those charges.
    I have emailed Apple via their website since the phone number 1 (866) 712-7753 given to me by BofA has a recording referring one to that URL… I have not gotten any reply from them but “Acknowledgement of your email/submission”‏ at 18:45.

  • john

    Happened to me also. $1400 over a 3 month period December 2008 til April 2009. Dozens of little $10 to $40 dollar charges to my debit card for APL*ITUNES. I never had an account with Apple and didn't know what the crap was. Apple would not tell me who stole my money or who the purchase was delivered to. They said they could only speak to the police. The FU##ing police?!!! I made a police report on the matter and it's been over a year now and still no answer to who stole my money even though Apple knows darn well where the purchase was delivered. Luckily my bank refunded all of the fraudulent charges.

  • Cynthia

    I was sent a "Billing Update" link to iTunes . Supposedly , my debit card information was no longer valid and I had to re-enter all of my information . The funny thing is , I've used that debit card for purchases and downloads for the past two months will no problems whatsoever . I re-entered it , but checked on Google AFTER . I believe my debit card information in now in the hands of "Phishers" . What can I do ? Would I need to cancel my debit card right away and request a new one ? No charges have been made YET , it has been about an hour since I entered my information . Please help !

  • Carlos Guzman

    itunes internet fraud US 313,27 in my mastercard

  • Lisa

    So the same crap happened to me today. Someone used by debit card information to purchase $700 worth of iTunes. Who does that CRAP?! I couldn't believe it. Apple told me that someone will email me about the matter in 24 hours. 24 hours?! I am praying that I get my money back as soon as possible from my bank.

    @ Cynthia, please go ahead and cancel your debit card and get a new one issued.

  • Marc

    Beware of Itunes. Got robbed 112$ like many other Iphone users with a scam with " Tap zoo Christmas" application.
    Itunes holds your credit card information? you are at risk according to me.
    My daughter wanted to download an application with Santa as an icone.I looked into it and since It was free, I entered my password to download to my Iphone. My daughter then downloaded items to play the game at a cost of 99$.
    This is how Itunes and the application providers rob you. I removed all my credit card info from Itunes store.Its too bad because I found it practical to have the possibility to download a song or an application once in a while.
    Did not think that Apple would allow this to happen. I really thought I could trust Apple, wrong again!

  • aj

    What? This article is dated 2007. We're still being scammed with this APLITUNES 866-712-7753 CA crap. I was just milked for a grand, fortunately the bank is helping me out. I don't have or use itunes. Is this how far we've come in technology? 3 years later and the same scam is still milking innocent people. APPLE!!! GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF YOUR ASS AND DO SOMETHING!

  • jeff

    I had a $1 charge from APL*ITUNES in CA. Then a 5.95 charge from some art gallery in washington dc. Then the next ones were from europe – a $168 charge from element 5 (gbp), and a whoppin $492 from http://WWW.CEM-LTD.CO.UK. I never ordered any of this and it looks like it started with I tunes. Whoever is stealing the numbers to sell is probably passing the info through itunes (b/c of their lack of adequate security) to make sure they are good numbers, then selling them to someone over in europe.

    My MC is a check card, so it came out of my checking account directly. Sorry kids, we're rationing hot dogs for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for 9 more days until I get another paycheck. Sorry boss, I don't have gas so I can't make it to work. My bank FIFTH THIRD won't even do anything to help other than tell me I have to wait until it hits my account, then dispute it. Then I might get my money back in 30 business days.

    IF I FIND THE PERSON WHO STOLE / SOLD MY INFORMATION, YOU WILL RECOGNIZE THEM. They will have 10 broken fingers, courtesy of Louisville Slugger. You won't eff with my kids eatin and think your'e gonna get away with it. I don't give a F, I'll do some time or probation to make them pay. Better hope you're some old bastard stealing over the internet, and not some bartender I've handed my card to.

  • s campbell

    My Itunes account was stolen as many have had happen. There were charges of 460$, all in one day. When we contacted Itunes, they told us to contact our bank and kill the credit card, that our credit card info had been stolen.

    Itunes also told us we had to pursue a refund from our bank, which we did. We got a "provisional credit" from our bank, which was withdrawn later when Itunes credited us the 460$. Interestingly, Itunes credited the funds to us BEFORE our bank completed their investigation, which my bank tells me is indirect admission that Itunes lost our info.

    I emailed many times back and forth with Itunes, trying to get them to take responsibility for poor security on account info. They would never do that, but always wrote back with "canned" responses, saying they were sorry our credit card info was somehow stolen, not from them, but from us.

    I have asked Itunes to cancel our account, and even this has taken several requests, with long responses with multiple reasons we should not cancel the account. We went ahead and cancelled the account anyway, I will NOT do business with irresponsible people who won't admit when they messed up.

    My friends tell me that Amazon is a much better place to buy music, as they are in mp3 format without all the strings attached. I have always joked with my grandson that Itunes is way too controlling with what they sell you, having to "authorize" computers to be able to play songs, etc. But, I did not expect them to knowingly force my bank to investigate what they already know is a security problem on their part. With a little research, I found that these mysterious fraudulent uses of Itunes accounts happen every day, and Itunes is fully aware of the security problem.

    Do NOT leave your credit card info on your Itunes account.
    Find a more honest company for your media purchases and avoid all the "authorizing" hassles and potential credit card fraud.

  • John

    i got the same problem someone tried to buy itunes for $6.50 four times i had to cancel my card now i don't trust having my card online except my online bank website

  • Tyra

    Stole $832.00 from my account in 14 different transactions in one day while I'm hard at work helping others as a registered nurse. In the mean time automatic withdrawls and checks hit the account and overdrew the account. Just like others above Apple says they are not responsible because iTunes is an affiliate not the same entity, iTunes doesn't help at all, bank says they took your money get it back from them!! What are you suppose to do??? Filed a police report, attempted to obtain the IPC address of the receiving device, had all accounts frozen, requested the charges be investigated.. Is reporting to the FBI or obtaining legal counsel suggested??? I will not let this go and have already detered 3 others to delete their iTunes account. It is the responsibility of iTunes to inform their customers when their is a breach in security. How can they possibly feel they are not responsible. My money was deposited in their account and I didn't receive anything in return. It's like finding a stolen purse on a park bench. No I didn't steal the purse but keeping it and it contents makes me just a guilty. iTunes can track the ipc address of the receiving device and confirm it didn't come to me!!

  • robinsonor

    Reject it!

  • HK

    I got billed $3850 from Apple and as you indicated they simply said to report this to my credit card company. It would be interesting to know what revenues they earned through fradulent charges. My transaction occurred immediately after Denny's in Delta B.C.

  • Gini Barrett

    The most frustrating thing for me was that no only would Apple not help, when my credit card company tried to handle it – Apple FOUGHT with them and insisted that they were my charges! What thieves! I thought that using PayPal on iTunes might help protect me, but although Apple says they take PayPal their system would not accept my PayPal account. So now I do not keep any credit card info on my iTunes account. Before each purchase I open the account and put in a credit card. I make the purchase. Then I open the account and remove the credit card info. And I also check my account every two weeks – just in case Apple has found and restored the credit card info (which they have not so far). So far, so good. But this and some other problems turned me off all Apple products. So while I had planned to go for new laptop, desktop, phone, and iPad; I bought none of those. Never, never will.

  • Helios

    Great tips nice share.

  • Brian

    Add me to the list.

    Today, at 8am, I realized that there had been $107 worth of itunes purchases made from my account between 3 & 4am this morning. Whoever did this blasted through $50 worth of gift cards that were on my account as well as another $57 withdrawn from my bank account since I had my bank card associated with iTunes. These weren't gift card purchases, they were actual song, movie & video purchases. I didn't even let iTunes download the songs & videos becuase I didn't need them saying "well, you downloaded them to your computer or ipod" – I didn't. They are just sitting there waiting to be downloaded, but haven't been to any of my computers or ipods.

    I called Apple this morning, and I was greeted with the same happy-go-lucky customer service reps with the same answer: "We will NOT refund the money in your bank NOR will we refund the gift card balance that was on your iTunes account. Ever. This is our policy." and I was told the same thing as everyone else – "take it up with your bank"

    I cancelled the card I had associated with iTunes and am now having the bank contest the charges.

    The real bear of all this is, I *may* get my $57 back which was withdrawn from my bank account, however, that $50 balance in iTunes from gift cards? Gone. Permanently. Never to be recovered according to Apple.

    I thought buying into Apple was a good idea. Everyone raves about their customer service and how much they do for their customers. Really? I haven't seen it.

    Needless to say, this was the last straw for me. No more Apple products, ever, and iTunes is now a thing of the past. Isn't it great these companies complain about piracy yet almost force people to do so in hopes they won't have to deal with THIS kind if garbage?!

    I can tell from reading the previous entries that I am one of the few that got off VERY lucky as far as how much was purchased before I caught it. I feel bad for those who had massive amounts of money taken from them just to have Apple say "well, too bad, sucker" – this is something that should not go unchecked, and Apple should be held responsible for a lack of security and sensibility on their end. The idiots over there could tell I had not purchased these (between 3-4am? on a Tuesday morning? Hey people, I work for a living! I'm asleep!) – not to mention, they could easily be able to tell where those were downloaded to, and it certainly wasn't to *MY* IP address, but I guess that would mean extra work for their employees.

    That's ok. Lesson learned. No more Apple products for me.

  • Jamie2011

    I just discovered the other day that I have 4 transactions from Apple on my bank statement. I phoned the 800 number and was directed to the website where the representative in an "obviously" pre written message stated that he would need more information. Ummm let's see – heres the charges and heres your stupid 800 number that directed me to you !!!!! This is absolutely ridiculous that this company is so unwillingly to help the people that fund their paychecks.

  • Rachel

    I still agree with the author of the article. I was scammed too for $400 but the hackers weren't through iTunes. They just used Apple to get our money.

    • Brian

      Really? We’re just going to let apple go scott-free and absolve them of any wrong doing?

      Not on my watch.

      Sorry, but iTunes should have WAY better security than they do. Security that would PREVENT people from being ripped off by criminals using their systems to do so.

      Some common sense on Apple’s side would go a LONG way. I have seen people here say they were scammed out of one thousand dollars or more through iTunes. This is where Apple’s “common sense” should kick in. Name ONE person who spends, in one day, over one thousand dollars on music from itunes. Who buys 1,000 songs at once or in a single day?

      The bottom line is, some common sense from Apple – especially when they know how often this is going on and how widespread it is – would go a LONG way to prevent these criminals from taking money using iTunes as the go-between.

      Apple is just as responsible for this happening as the criminals taking the money. And their responses? “Deal with it, we won’t help you with ANYTHING” – really? what happened to that kick-ass customer service Apple is supposed to provide?

      Any other commercial business I’ve deal with involving an issue similar to these were accommodating and ready to help in any way they can. The COMPLETE POLAR OPPOSITE of Apple and iTunes.

      This same crap happened to me a few years ago – I posted about it here and I vowed no more Apple products, no more itunes. No issues at all since then. Imagine that! And for Apple to say take it up with your bank – oh, that’s fine for the actually MONEY that is stolen, but how about that $50 itunes gift card balance that was on my account – did the bank refund that? Nope. Did Apple? HAH! You gotta be kidding me… they, in so many words, told me to take a hike and deal with it because they were *not* going to help nor refund that gift card balance on my account.

      Oh no, iTunes nor Apple does NOT get a free pass on this.


    I have been charged $31.90 on my account, they tried 17 times, to push it through. They got me once before I changed my information.



    P.S. they used my Itune account

  • Surveyor

    My card was charged twice $99.99 and ITunes refuses to provide me with a list of the items purchased.

  • Pissed

    i have been reading some of these comments dated all the way back to December of “08” and here it is Feb 1 2012 and the same B.S. is still going on. i had 2 transactions on my statement from itunes for 46.92 (same amount both times) i have never purchased anything from itune in my life, i dont even have a credit or debit card associated with itunes! I cancled my cards right away and i am disputing the issue with my bank for a refund but needless to say Appearetly there is a major problem with apple and they DAMN well know about it, something like this doesnt go on for 4 years and not know about this SCAM! M only question is ….does itunes ask for experation dates or the security # on the back of the card? this may not solve evrything but it may help!!!!

    • champs8xuk

      I have had the same thing happening because my gf went on and gave my debit card info…her card has only limited money in the account…so when these charges hit I am over drafted…I have had about 300.00 in overdraft charges from this…why can’t iTunes have a phone where you can actually talk to a human….I stopped my debit card and when I did my iPad shut down…when we reupped it charges started again …I do t tbj k its fraud ..I actually think iTunes is stealing our money …why else would they have a phone where you can’t talk to a person and why else would they refuse to talk to someone….the BBB should actually I vestivate these people.

  • Luey

    I found 4 separate completely UNAUTHORIZED charges while looking at my bank account online to APL *APPLE ITUNES for 47.42 each that hit my account on Sunday of a three day weekend. So I haven’t been able to reach anyone at my bank and itunes does not have telephone support. After trading emails back and forth with Apple/itunes (I had already found evidence of complaints about the phone number above on Google and told itunes about it) the rep for Apple just said it was my problem and they never got the money & that I should never answer any suspicious emails they might be pretending to be itunes! I had not done that! I never purchased anything or got any scam email that I opened either. I tend to believe Apple’s security system is not what it should be if this is happening to so many others. Their “support” system is the worst I have ever experienced!

  • I Tunes SUCKS

    Wow. I can’t believe nothing is being done about this. Same thing happened to me!!! Over $200 stolen through i Tunes purchases. I tried calling the support but they don’t have a telephone, everything is done through email… Finally got a reply telling me that basically they can’t or won’t refund the charges and that they won’t tell me who has my information. Seriously ridiculous. I hate you i Tunes.

  • JD

    Chase notified me of $150 in fraudulent iTunes charges on my MasterCard three days ago. They cancelled the card immediately and sent a new one by FedEx. It arrived on my doorstep yesterday, and this morning there was already a new $1 iTunes charge on it!

    How is that possible? I had the card less than 10 hours and had not used it or even recorded the new account number–anywhere! There was also a fraudulent charge (for EuroTrain, I think?) on my Chase Visa card, and someone tried to access my PayPal account.

    All three accounts are now closed and Chase will block iTunes charges, but I still don’t know how a merchant (iTunes) can charge a person without being given their (brand new, just-issued) credit card number. What’s to keep this from happening again with another new card–and what other information or accounts can they access? Any ideas?

  • mike

    hi all —

    just disputed the charges from APL*ITUNES 866-712-7753 CA.

    1) this is NOT a charge originating from APPLE or ITUNES. instead, scammers are merely using apple/itunes because it’s easy to just accept “oh, my wife/kid/etc bought more apps” because of the popularity and sheer volume of random charges / purchases.

    2) In my cause, and i’m suspecting in the case of the previous comment as well, it was not the CC (debt) card number that was used — it was an ACH DEBT. so your bank issuing a new card will not have much effect as your actual account number hasn’t changed.

    In my case, the related account isn’t associated with itunes, my debt card has been in a drawer for over a year, and the account numbers have only been used with 3 employer’s payrolls, ca state unemployment (ya, i got laid off), and paypal. my money (literally) is on either a data breech at ca’s edd office. oh, and it wasn’t because someone got ahold of a check, as i’ve never written one from that account nor have i ever disposed of them (they’re locked in my desk drawer).

  • PW

    Well, the real question is why isn’t there a class action against iTunes AND PayPal? I am looking into how to go about filing it but wanted to confirm there wasn’t one already in progress. Although I was defrauded out of approx $1,500 it was the overdraft charges from my own bank that sank me. I was unemployed and unable to make any deposits while iTunes and PayPal fought it out as to who was responsible.. finally when my account was credited my overdraft charges that were accruing daily, were also accruing additional daily charges of $15 on top of overdraft for simply having an overdrawn account day-after-day… I initially had $160 in my PNC account and after the unauthorized funds were replaced I was STILL in the red $1700 (for PNC charges alone) I have tried everything – called people in Maryland where my account was to find out what to do about the exorborant overdraft fees PLUS the fees for having fees… riduculous and now because neither iTunes nor PayPal would refund all of these overdraft fees, me, the innocent (did I mention unemployed) person is constantly (even though its 2 years later) being pursued by collectors – every day!! It’s so far past being frustrating and I just wish/hope/pray I can find an attorney out there that can help me and hopefully all of the (reportedly) 1400 people who were also ripped off by iTunes and PayPal – the articles reported it and google it and you will see that neither wanted to take responsibility and I am not the only one that lost money over and above the unauthorized charges. I apologize for writing a short story here, but I received yet another reminder of this after filling out my kid’s FASFA application and they wanted infor on this PNC account – WHAT? it’s been closed and in collections since 2009.. oh well, but that’s what I mean – it keeps appearing to haunt me! If anyone can tell me where or how to start the process of filing a class action and/or if anyone out there has an opinion as to whether or not attorneys would take it…??? I would appreciate it.
    Thank you very much. (or if you know where I can find info on filing a class action?) Or refer to any particular attorneys?

  • Cindy E. Reid

    I had 6 unauthorized transactions on my ATM card from the Itune store I don’t even have an I phone I don’t access the web on my cell phone I myself have never ordered anything form Itunes. I have called my bank and canceled the card that was used. I have the dates and times and the amounts charged I know the Itune store has the peersons name that done this and it is my business to know who they were so that they don’t hook me again. Does anyone know what channels I need to go through to get this information ?

  • Cindy E. Reid

    How do I go about finding out who used my ATM at the I tunes store I have the dates and times and the amounts charged to my ATM It looks like I tunes would have this information and I feel I have a right to know who they are. I have never had a I Tune account I have never ordered anything from ITunes. I don’t own and I Phone Can someone help me with this.They won’t get to put anymore on the card because I have canceled the card darn crooks

  • Brittany M

    I’ve been having this issue for months! I frequently see small unauthorized charges to my credit card. $2.99, $8.95 $.99 etc. and I haven’t even touched my iTunes account and there are no charges in my “purchased” section. I tried calling apple support but got no help whatsoever. I deleted my card number off of iTunes and am about to be done with apple products in general. The situation is frustrating and criminal.

  • Jackee

    Apple called me tonight to verify an apple order from Texas. I checked w my bank and sure enough someone tried to charge something to my debit five times today. Thanks goodness apple called me to give me the heads up. They had all my info. They did not ask me any personal information. They denied transaction. I called my bank and canceled my card. I have been online banking, buying and ebaying for over ten years. Nothing like this ever happened until I purchased my iPad. This has been happening to people I know with iPads. I guess They got me too :(

  • June strong

    I’m very sadden that I was charged an collected amount of 200 from iTunes stolen from my Direct Express debit card that was giving to me as a payment option by SSI ! I do everything for my kids !!! I’m a mom with 12 children an I can’t believe this is happening ! I really feel robbed ! An taking advantage of an alone! So let me go into details of what happen I was trying to allow my sons to buy a online game an they informed me that I didn’t have enough funds ! I was outraged cause I just received the card ! so I knew it was impossible !! But to my sadden surprise ! It was in fact the case I called Direct Express !! an they told me that they where going to send me a dispute form I waited for it ,got it , sent it in ,an was sadden to hear that they said that they could not refund my money because the merchant refunded the transaction !!!witch was so untrue they refunded only 24.51 !! so my point was ,when I contacted Apple why did the company refund only 24.51 when the amount was much more !! An I was told that I couldn’t be helped in anyway because they notice I didn’t have a account an they couldn’t find the account that took the money an most importantly who gave the small portion back !!Tell me how a company like Apple can’t track that !! I’m also mad at Direct Express because I cutup the old card!! Believing that was best so it wouldn’t be used anymore in the future but was asked for the number by Apple to try to help track anything that could help me get the problem resolve! So I contacted Direct Express to get the numbers an they told me that they could not give me the old card number because they couldn’t see the numbers in the system but in fact the 24.51 was refunded to the original card An transferred to the new card!!! HOW ?? If you can’t see the old card numbers for my account would you know who the refund belonged to?? it’s sad cause I’m just trying to the best that I can for me an my family !! an I don’t have much ,Apple is a billion dollar company that took my little money !! An Direct Express aren’t trying to help at all ! This is clear how the rich stay rich !an the poor stay poor !! Apple got my money !! The theft got a purchase !! An Me an my kids victims !

  • Wug

    received an email this morning purporting to be from Itunes how do I find out if it is legitimate? Said someone had bought a game in my name and I was to click a link log on to cancel the game – I would have to give them my bank details and email and date of birth etc = how do i know if it is legitimate or FALSE.


      I got the same letter today, I am awaiting a call from iTunes to see what is going on since I did not order anything from iTunes. I tried to complete the link personal info excluding credit card info and it keep kicking the page back until I enter the credit card number, I refused to enter it since iTunes have it on file.

  • Jami

    While I was undergoing treatment for cancer, unbeknownst to me, someone hacked my credit card on itunes, and over a period of 4 months racked up $931.64 in fraudulent charges. In the first couple of months, the charges were very small, and drew no attention, but finally escalated into the hundreds in November and December, when I finally discovered it. Even then, I did not immediately discover it, because it was Christmas time, and I had been doing a alot of shopping on that card, so wasn’t alerted by a suddenly much higher balance. Since I had been going through so much medical treatment, as you can imagine, the last thing on my mind was combing through my monthly statements. Long story short after endless hours on the phone with Apple, who admitted to the fraudulent purchases, they only partially refunded me, and have still owed me a final amount of $110 for 3 months now, but are trying to deny me payment because the charges were more than 3 months old when I reported them. I can’t believe that a multi billion dollar company admits to fraud on their watch, yet refuses to refund a cancer patient, or anyone, for that matter. Shame on you Apple.

  • Kenny Vo

    Well this just happened to me with a charge of 46.94 according to my bank an investigations under way. Do they somehow transfer the money to themselves? My account is going to be closed so i think im gonna be okay. Luckily i caught it 2 days after the charge went through. Read the comments below and i see alot of people had it worse off than me.

  • Engelbert

    APL* ITUNES.COM/BILL 866-712-7753 CA – es un fraude de IPhone, que el señor que se encuentre a cargo después del Sr. Steve Jobs, que en paz descanse, deje de hacerse rico por medios de fraudes, esta es la segunda vez que hacen cobros que nunca he autorizado y como necesariamente uno tiene que enlazar la tarjeta de crédito para poder descargar APP gratis, estos se generan sin autorización, creo que IPhone es un buen celular pero sus cobros fraudulentos le están jugando en contra, ya que en mi caso no es la primera vez y estoy pensando seriamente en cambiar de móvil, por uno con mayor seguridad y que sean menos sinvergüenza.

  • Rickie

    i have never bought an apple product in my life so this charge is one hundred percent false. thieves working with apple. always knew they were evil

  • Karie Donaldson

    Same situation. Me and my boyfriend are in the process of buying a house and had to get bank statements and noticed a bunch of charges that we didn’t make (totaling around $1100 over 3 months) Got into contact with apple (online chat) all they would say is that it was through my iTunes account and my devices and that there could be a possibility of someone hacking my stuff. We didn’t make the charges. Apple won’t do anything. I think my nephews got my account and brought things without realizing it was real money. My boyfriend thinks someone just got his card information. We’re in the middle of a dispute through his bank. So we’ll see what apple says to them. Idk what to do cause it was my account and my devices. I don’t know if I’ll get into trouble cause it was my stuff even though we didn’t make the charges. We don’t want the law involved cause again we think it could of been our nephews. The bank knows that. So now it’s just to see if we get anything back or not. Has anyone had this happened to them? Apple saying it’s your account and your devices even when you didn’t make the charges?