iPhone wins the Hacker’s Target of 2008 award

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According to Arbor Networks Security, the iPhone has won the Hacker’s Target of 2008 award. This isn’t the good hackers that just want to put PlayStation games, or Tap Tap Revolution on your iPhone. no, these are the “evil” hackers that want to attack your iPhone. The attacks will probably attempt to execute malicious code in the built-in Safari browser, and compromise your iPhone.

Technologies such as Quicktime can also have security flaws, and open the iPhone up to malicious hacks. Apple is most likely aware of this, and is trying to close all security flaws, to only allow applications onto the iPhone through the official SDK, due February 2008. It’s going to be interesting to watch this cat-and-mouse game between Apple and hackers in 2008.

Via [MacNN]

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