Hackers accomplish the impossible: iPhone video recording

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If you have an iPhone, one of the most embarrassing moments must be when you’re at a concert, and all your friends are on their free phones taking videos, while you are on your $400 iPhone taking pictures. Then they ask you why you aren’t taking video, and you sheepishly respond, “My iPhone can’t do that.” Well, no longer do you have to be embarrassed. Now you too can record video on your iPhone just like any other phone.

The hack comes from the guys over at Monster and Friends, who have developed an application called Drunkenbass. They have an application in the extreme alpha stages, but it allows you to record 5 seconds of video at 10fps and a 2 megapixel resolution. Yes that’s right, 5 seconds. I told you it was still in alpha, didn’t I? The exciting thing is that this confirms that the video functionality of the iPhone is there and just needs to be added–either by Apple, or by a third-party.

Read [Drunkenbass] via [Gizmodo]

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  • George M.

    Has This Come Out Yet Its been over a year. How much longer do we need to wait. I do not want to Jailbreak my phone but I will if its the only way I need to study up on this.