Apple to announce 5 million iPhones sold at Macworld

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Sources from deep inside Cupertino claim that Apple will announce the selling of 5 million iPhones sold at Macworld on January 15th. Apple has been seeing very strong iPhone sales, despite the news that a 3G iPhone will be out next year. Apple’s original target, was to sell 10 million iPhone by the end of 2008. If they will have already sold 5 million by the beginning of 2008, they will be very far ahead of schedule. Sources are also saying that Apple is having very strong international sales, and has sold over 1 million phones in Europe in just over a month. Other sources are reporting that Apple will unleash a 16GB iPhone at Macworld, which is overdue. Looks like the iPhone is selling like, errr, digital hot-cakes.

Via [9to5mac]

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