MacWorld 2008 Rumor Roundup

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MacWorld 2008With just a week before MacWorld, we’re hearing rumors left and right about what Apple will be upgrading and releasing. Well we decided to compiles a list of rumors from various sites, and give our opinion on the likelihood of those rumors actually becoming reality.

Very Likely

Mac OS X 10.5.2- A list of 75 fixes adorns the latest builds of 10.5.2. The feature we have heard most about is the semi-fixed stacks: users are now able to display a list view, and essentially turn off stacks altogether. Displaying the folder icon instead of contents is also an option.
via [Mac Rumors, Engadget, Appletell, Macenstien]

Mac Pro- New Mac Pros may have Intel’s Penryn processors up to 8-core 3.2 GHz with a 32 GB RAM ceiling now official. 4 TB maximum Hard Drive Space isn’t far fetched, and there are rumors of a Build to Order Blu-Ray Option.
via [Appletell, HardMac, Macworld]

Cinema Displays- New Cinema Displays may see a case change, and will definitely have LED backlighting. An iSight camera built in is debatable, as users of Mac Pros would most likely not be doing much video conferencing. New display sizes,24”, 27” and 30”, are possible, as is a glossy option. Any of these features are likely, but not all at once.
via [Appletell, APC Magazine]

Sub-notebook- Apple’s “MacBook Nano” will have a 12 or 13 inch screen, 32 or 64 GB of NAND-based SSD, and no optical drive. An external optical drive is rumored to be released with the sub-notebook. The rumors are that the MacBook Nano will sport aluminum or black finish.
via [Mac Rumors:[1] [2], AppleInsider, Gizmodo]

Apple TV 2.0- Apple TV 2.0 may get DVR capabilities. More likely is iTunes Movie Rentals: Apple has already partnered with FOX and Disney with more studios coming aboard later. A DVD drive to take advantage of iPod sized versions of 20th Century Fox is possible, but not likely.
via [Appletell, Infinite Loop Paris Lemon]

iTunes Movie Rentals FOX and Disney have signed on for iTunes rentals, with more studios to come.
via [World of Apple, Mac Rumors, TUAW]


iMac- Baseline speedbump from 2.0 to 2.2 GHz is all that the iMac will probably get. There has been light chatter about a touchscreen, but that is highly unlikely.
via [Appletell]

iPod HiFi- The iPod HiFi rumors started very recently, and indicate HD Radio and iTunes tagging support, which would tag favorite radio songs for later purchase on iTunes.
via [iLounge]

3G/16 GB iPhone The iPhone will perhaps see a small price drop in the 8GB version to around $349, if a 16 GB version is introduced. 3G iPhones are possible, but not likely until later in the year.
via [Appletell, Mac Rumors]


Mid-Range headless Mac- The Midrange Headless Mac would have similar specs to the iMac, but would be upgradeable. It would be priced around $1500.
via [MacWorld]

Full-size Wireless Keyboard- Essentially a wired keyboard without the wires, so that wireless users can have a number pad if they wish. Could come alongside a Mighty Mouse Redesign featuring an aluminum enclosure, and a slightly thinner form.
via [Appletell]

Mac Touch- This never was a rumor, or at least a widely believed one, but it has been wanted for a long time, and there is a chance of the sub-notebook having touch capabilities. A tablet, however, will probably not be announced. Mockups posted seem to place it in the 7 to 10 inch screen range, a and about as thick as a regular MacBook. If the device were to be released, it would rival the long time coming ModBook
via [< a href="">MacRumors, SDSComics, YankoDesign]

That’s our MacWorld 2008 rumor roundup, if there’s anything we missed, feel free to drop a comment below and leave a link.

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  • Christian

    what about the mac mini?

  • Eunice

    And what about an xserve ? I'm waiting for a new xserve model for ages…

  • Mike

    And possible appearance of Bill Gates to announce Microsoft Office 2008 "available today"

  • Al Feldzamen

    Possible announcement of availability of Beatles music on the iTunes Music Store . . . . and unlikely announcement of the KILLER APP for the iPhone, namely, DICTATION SOFTWARE, that would not only permit voice dialing, but also let a user dictate an outgoing Email, that could later be retrieved on a home computer and then filed or printed . . .

  • jubjub

    As well as an update to OSX, you forgot there will be an update to iPhone which is very likey.

  • Willie

    And a partridge in a pear tree

  • Pedro Vaz

    And a Fonseca 1927 Vintage Port, a truly monumental wine: red with a garnet edge and ruby center, showing very ripe fruit, black pepper, spice and floral notes on the nose, full-bodied, with tons of velvety, opulent fruit flavors that fill the mouth. It will improve for decades – like Apple

  • tumbleweed05

    macbook pros?

  • Luke Wilson

    It breaks my heart to see the Mac Touch on the improbable list. :-(

  • John McGill

    i hope if they release a 16 gb and drop price the Jobs writes another open letter, i just bought my 8gb 4 Days ago assuming the only upgrade coming to iPhone was 3G which i totally dont need

  • Sky

    If they lowered the price of the iPhone to 349 for 16 gb, they would release a 16 gb touch for 299 and a 32 gb for 399. Most likely, this will happen, but the phone will still be 399.

  • Steve Fischer

    To answer the question on the 3G iPhone – yes, Apple needs to:

    1) Have an IMEI range registered for the new radios.

    2) Have FCC blessing on the new radios.

    They could/should have registered these some time ago (would be quite early in the development cycle).

  • John

    Exclusive rights to Beatles announcement, and Record Label for Itunes announcement (by-passing current record labels for artist self promotion and distribution)

    Announcement of Movie Rental and Sales through iTunes to go head to head with Netflix and Blockbuster (as well as Walmart and Bestbuy)

  • Al Feldzamen

    Possible addition of Beatles songs to the iTunes Music Store?

    Less likely, addition of VOICE DIALING to the iPhone set up. And less likely still, but a KILLER APP for the iPhone, true DICTATION SOFTWARE, like iListen, for the iPhone, that would let a user dictate the text of an outgoing Email, later to be retrieved on a home computer, then to be filed or printed . . .

  • Attila

    Not long now, cant wait