MacWorld Posters: There’s Something In The Air

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Sporting a light version of Apple’s Myriad Pro font, the Macworld 2008 posters are mysterious as always, proclaiming that “there’s something in the air.”

A logical guess would be that there will be wireless advancements, including movie rentals from iTunes streamed wirelessly. Then again, it could have nothing to do with wireless at all. These posters are sure to fuel speculation and guesses all over the internet for the remaining 3 days until MacWorld.

There are also an iPhone display and an iPod display, which once again may have nothing to do with what is going to go on at Macworld. Many predict a juicy Macworld this year, as Apple has gotten Mac Pro and XServe revisions “out of the way,” seemingly in preparation for more big announcements at MacWorld.

See the link at the bottom for larger version of these pictures:
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via [AppleInsider]

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