Full MacHeist 2 bundle now available

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MacHeist 2 Bundle

Finally, after selling 5000 bundles, and then reaching $100,000 in donations to charity, the entire MacHeist bundle has finally been unlocked. This means that future buyers and people who have already paid for it will now get the three best apps: CSSEdit, Snapz Pro X and Pixelmator. In addition to the initial 10 apps that were announced, Speed Download was also added to the bundle, as the 11th app. There is still an empty spot on the MacHeist homepage, so there could be possibly be another secret app waiting to be revealed.

If you can successfully get a friend of yours to purchase a bundle, you will also receive LaunchBar, a Spotlight-like app that helps improve your productivity. With just another 9 days left to make up your mind, and such good value plus the option to donate to charity, this is turning out to be a no-brainer. So what are you waiting for? Get your bundle for just $49 today.

Via [MacHeist]

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