iPhone’s first 3rd party app to declare Apple’s vision

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How will Apply play the first 3rd party applications they certify for iPhone/touch? Apple has been working with choice 3rd party developers with Lotus Notes email being the latest to come out of the spin cycle of rumors according to the Associated Press. The question is quickly becoming, “which will Apple announce first?”

Why does it matter who is first? The first 3rd party app will tell us where Apple wants to go with this phone and quite possible future iterations. Will it be a suit-and-tie set application like Lotus Notes or something luxury-practical like real-deal GPS?

Companies are sprouting up to become Apple 3rd party vendors for iPhone/iPod products. Take Gomite, for example who is said to be “filling the void”. They showed this image of a GPS dongle that snaps in to get GPS love on the iPhone/iPod. Further, they say they’ll have a whole line of “innovative enhancements for Apple products.” Cool.

When the iPhone was intro’d, we all begged for the SDK. With the release of the iPod touch enhancement applications, Apple now restates our beg from “give us the SDK” to “give us the chance to provide you a new revenue stream”. Indeed, Apple seems to be testing the water with the $20/5 applications idea on touch users. What has been the response?

In my eyes reasonably spit. As I waded into the early adapters frenzy to get the new apps moments after Job’s keynote, the forums around the tubes seemed split between folks seething with anger at Apple and those who see utility in Apple’s offering and willing to pay for it. There were some hiccups along the route (the iPod update server was down for a bit, preventing the update) but overall everyone seemed to get on with it.

At the end, Apple seems to be giving us just what we asked for. The revalation coming from what Apple announces as it’s first 3rd party application will tell us what Apple is hearing now.

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