Cheat the iTunes rental system

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iTunes Rentals

Many think that the iTunes Movie Rentals have too strict time limitations. You only get to watch your movie for 24 hours once you have started playing it. Clever hackers have developed a simple loop in Apple’s system, which allows you to rent movies, and keep them with plenty of time to watch them. The hack has to do with you changing the time of your computer’s clock.

Set your computer clock to the year 2009, begin to play the movie, and then set the clock back to 2008. You will then have one full year to watch your movie instead of a measly 24 hours. This is very handy if you need more time to watch the movie. This hack is a major oversight in Apple’s movie rental DRM, and will most likely be fixed in an upcoming iTunes verion.

Via [Ars Technica]

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  • Adam

    This was fixed 2 days ago by Apple, unfortunately.