Where’s the iPhone two-pane email client?

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iPhone Mail

There are many products and features that get developed inside of Apple and other companies, that never get released. If Steve Jobs, or another one of the top-ranking exec decides that the feature is unnecessary, or just clutters the interface it is cut. One of those features that never saw the light of day, was the iPhone two-pane Mail view. Back at Macworld 2007, when Steve Jobs previewed the iPhone for the world, he showed a second Mail view that would allow you to preview the contents of a Mail message in the same window. After Macworld, he made a comment about not liking this view. Then surprise surprise. When June 29th comes around, the iPhone launches without this view. Was it not working? Or was it just a matter of something Steve Jobs didn’t like, and got cut out of the iPhone?

Which do you prefer: the current view or a two pane view?

Via [Ryan Block]

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