Steve Jobs leaks new Time Machine features

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Steve Jobs TM features

If you have super-eagle eyes, and were watching the new HD stream of the Macworld 2008 keynote, you might have noticed that Steve Jobs showed a screenshot of Time Machine with a new button in the lower left-hand corner entitled, “Only Show Changes”. Apparently, this new button will allow you to see only the changes that were made over the days of your backups, most likely hiding the other redundant information. This could be an upcoming feature in Mac OS X 10.5.2, which is expected to include remote Time Machine backups, Menu-bar opacity options, and over 100 bug fixes.

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  • xxdesmus

    would you like a cookie?

  • anonmacguy

    If it is a 10.5.2 addition, it isn't in the latest seed.

  • optimusa4

    It may just be a graphic that didn't get QC'd during the prep of the presentation for Macworld.

    You just got somebody fired at Apple.

  • Ian

    That button was in the prerelease marketing material. Someone made a mistake when they were building the keynote.

  • Andrew Sheridan

    Not in latest build of 10.5.2 (9C20).

  • Scott

    Anybody happen to notice that Jobs said "In Tiger there are alot of great new apps" WHOOPS! Should have said "In Leopard…"