John Mayer has a MacBook Air before they are shipping

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MacBook Air John Mayer

If you have been a regular attendant for Steve Jobs keynote, no doubt you’ve heard John Mayer many a time. Steve Jobs loves his music, and he plays at the end of most Stevenotes. However, when Steve Jobs introduced Randy Newman at this Macworld keynote, people thought that John Mayer’s friendship with Steve was over. Apparently not however. John Mayer is one of the few people in the world that actually has a MacBook Air weeks before they are shipping. Of course he posted a tantalizing blog post with two pictures on the MacBook Air and a single line, “Macbook Air… Yes, it really is as cool as it looks. Lean, mean lifestyle workstation…”

Looks very cool John, very cool…

Via [TUAW]

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  • Greg Healy

    Macworld has gotten their hands on a MacBook Air as well.