iPhone 1.1.3 causing SMS problems

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iPhone SMS

If you have recently updated your iPhone to 1.1.3, and are experiencing some minor SMS issues, you are note alone. Apparently, many UK-based iPhone users are reporting on Apple’s own Discussion forums that SMS updates are appearing out of order. The topic has grown quite large with 200 responses and over 11 000 views. Most of the people that appear to be having the problem are O2, UK iPhone users. Apple has published a knowledge base article acknowledging this problem. They wrote:

When sending or receiving text messages on the iPhone, the SMS messages may be displayed out of sequence. This can occur if the iPhone is not displaying the same date and time setting as the carrier network time.”

A potential fix for the issue is to check in the iPhone Settings to see if the “Set Time Automatically” option is on. This may not be ideal for those in different time zones, and may not be accessible to everyone. Apple is clearly aware of the problem and is working on it. Most likely the bug will be addressed in the next iPhone firmware update.

Via [MacNN]

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