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MacBook AirAll the MacBook Air pre-orderers have been waiting for this day for over two weeks now. The MacBook Airs are starting to ship according to TUAW. The online Apple Store in all countries lists the MacBook Air as shipping in 2-3 weeks, but, if you ordered right after the keynote your MacBook Air may just be on its way. TUAW have received several emails of excited MacBook Air owners, saying that their MacBook Airs are shipping as we speak. In fact, one reader’s MacBook Air is due for delivery on February 1st.

It is unclear whether Apple Stores will get stock in shortly – it could just be the pre-orders getting a special early delivery. Hopefully, very early next month we’ll be seeing the MacBook Airs in Apple Stores across the world. But there’s always the possibility of this happening with Apple – nobody ever knows what’s going to happen next. So, have a look for any changes in an Apple Store near you, they could be preparing for some new MacBook Airs.

Via [TUAW]

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