Microsoft to support Mac Windows installations?

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Boot CampThis rumor seems WAY out there but it might just be possible. Currently this one sits in the decidedly speculative section, but if it’s real it could be the the big M (no, not McDonalds) is taking a decidedly different view of their place in the market. Until now Microsoft’s stance has been that if you used Boot Camp to install a version of Windows on your Mac (the horror!) then you were essentially on an island alone. They simply wouldn’t give you any support. Now, internal memos might suggest that they’ll allow the Mac faithful who simply have to have a copy of Windows installed on the machine a small amount of assistance. The support will not include any help with installation, configuration, or anything related to the EFI on Macs, but all retail copies of Windows will receive the two free warranty calls any other Windows masochist user would get. It seems nuts to me that they wouldn’t have done this already, but I guess late is better than never.

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  • John

    This isn't all that crazy, Microsoft is a software company, as long as they get their money, they're happy.