Apple launches corporate gifting and rewards program

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iPod nanoIf you work at a company that wants to keep you happy during those long and busy hours, Apple’s new Corporate Gifting and Rewards Program will help your boss/company will help. If you’ve received a nice iPod from your company as a gift, with engraving, this process won’t be easy for large company. The experience of buying iPods is now much easier for corporations with the ability to add iPod engravings with a special message or the company’s logo, as Apple did with the U2 Special Edition iPod, or even pre-loading special content onto the digital music player. Not only is this great for suggesting groovin’ tunes you think your employees will enjoy listening to, but you could put on product overviews, training talks, CEO speeches, promotional videos or other custom content. To use this use new program you must order a 50-unit minimum for iPod models but you may also buy other products.

  • Any iPod model
  • iTunes Gift Cards
  • iPod accessories
  • MacBook, MacBook Pro, iMac

Along with special engravings and content on the iPods you a point style incentive for your employees to earn this rewards.

Points programs. Build an even stronger relationship with your best customers by letting them earn points toward an iPod or iTunes Gift Card.

Via [Ars Technica]

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