iPod Touch/iPhone Firmware 1.1.4 released

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iPhoneIt seems like 1.1.3 only came out a few weeks ago, but yet another firmware update for both the iPhone and iPod Touch has been released: 1.1.4. It is not yet posted on Apple’s website, but I’m guessing this is most likely the update that contains the new long-awaited SDK from Apple. You can download the files directly here (iPhone, iPod) – or you can download it via iTunes. We will update this when the feature list of 1.1.4 is available.

If you are on a Jailbroken iPod Touch/iPhone – do not install this update just yet – it may damage your device. If you restore your device first, you should be fine installing 1.1.4.

Via [TUAW]

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  • Jim

    Quite a leap to suggest it contains SDK considering it's a minor rev and there is nothing to suggest Apple is even close to being release the SDK. Is this a news blog or a gossip site? Stick to the facts.

  • bruce

    You might want to wait awhile before updating. I updated my ipod Touch (virgin as the day it left the factory) and it died. It will not turn on. It will not restore. Spent over an hour talking with a rep at Apple. After a number of failed attempts they are taking it in for repair or replacement.

  • bob

    even if there is nothing to suggest an SDK from apple it doesnt matter because apple is amazing at keeping secrets, like before the release of the iphone. there were zero leaks about that. Same with the ipod touch

  • abdul

    i need the 1.1.4 ipod frimwear if u any help out there