Rhino Skin iPod nano aluminum case

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Rhino Skin: an Aluminum iPod case

Hundreds of cases have come into the market since the iPod launched, but one of the newest and most rugged cases is the iPod nano Aluminum Hardcase. The company, Rhino Skin, assures that you will have full protection and style with this case. A model of this case is only out for the 3rd heneration iPod Nano, but with this quality, we can only hope for more versions to be released in the future. The case fits both the 8 GB and 4 GB models of the 3rd generation iPod nano and the clear front casing doesn’t cover your nano’s true color.

One thing I’d like to know more about is the weight of the actual case. With the hard case protection, Stuffbak loss protection and others, these things are bound to add some bulk to your nano. Despite the extra weight, a lanyard is included to put less strain on your pocket and more on your neck (is that a good thing?). All in all this case seems like a great product if you’re scared you may bang up that precious nano of yours.

Product Page [Saunders-USA]

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  • casey

    looks like a pretty good case and i like the name. if you are looking for another similar case i would suggest