Toast 9 features Blu-Ray video, streaming

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ToastRoxio will soon introduce Toast 9 Titanium, the successor to Roxio’s current Toast 8 Titanium – one of the most popular disc-burning applications on the Mac. If you already own Toast Titanium 8, not to worry – you can get a $30 discount on the new version. Toast 9 brings the same loved interface from Toast 8, with some new enhancements and features. You can still, obviously, burn CDs, DVDs and even Blu-ray discs and HD DVDs. You still can’t play Blu-ray video discs on a Mac, but with Toast 9 you can burn AVCHD video. This is great for those with HD camcorders (that record in AVCHD), because you can burn the content straight onto a Blu-ray disc – suitable for playing in any Blu-ray player, like a PS3. TV streaming capabilities have also been added to Toast. You can stream QuickTime, EyeTV, DivX and TiVo from your Mac to another Mac over the internet, or even to an iPhone or iPod Touch.

The system requirements for this new version of Toast are similar to the previous version: G4 or better (G5 or Intel for HD), CD, DVD or Blu-ray writing drive, Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger) or later. 600MB of free space is required for installation, and 15GB is recommended for usage.

Via [Macworld]

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