iPhone SDK goes PowerPC, jealous of Intel processors

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iPhone developers are signing up, in the masses at a rapid rate. The number simply keeps on growing. Though, how many potential iPhone developers are running on a PowerPC system? A lot, apparently, and Mike Rundle is one of those people. Still on his PowerPC G4, Mike was desperate to get the newly released SDK. After heading over to Apple’s site, signing up, and beginning the download, Mike realized that the SDK is Intel only, or was Intel only. Determined to run the SDK and develop, Mike figured out a way to get the SDK and new developer tools running on his non-Intel, PowerPC processor. Using individual installers, he installed packages one by one, until all of them were installed, essentially bypassing the mass batch installer that Apple launches for the user.

Mike reports that the SDK works fine, that the documentation and instructions are all there, and even the emulator/simulator works, giving full development support on the PowerPC platform. The only problems are a build error within Xcode (reported to be normal) and the possibility of not being able to have your applications digitally signed and certificated by Apple. Mike has written a post describing how to install the SDK, which can be found on 3by9.

[3by9] Via [Ars Technica]

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