Apple TV to gain DVR, respect

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Apple TVHave you ever wished you could combine your dying TiVo and your barely used Apple TV into one device that you might just use a little more? If so, then your wish has come true, as some patent filings depicting DVR functionality have been released lately. Although they were originally filed in October 2006, the images filed were revealed and publicized just recently. The filing shows a DVR with touch sensitive remote control and an on-screen guide.

The remote resembles a click wheel style iPod with a display for information. The remote would be portable, and would allow the user to set a show to record from anywhere. Another remote concept involves a square or rectangle instead of a click wheel. A sort of “dock” would be used as the main menu for the DVR, allowing the user to perform functions such as record and search. Menus are displayed next to video content, which is pushed to the side and reflected, essentially removing any interruption from menu use.

Of course, these are just patents and do not promise anything. However, I’ll be on the watch for this device.

Via [AppleInsider]

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