Safari on Windows is Illegal?

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The few people who actually read license agreements before installing updates may have noticed that the Windows version of Safari 3.1 contained a very curious statement.

“This license allows you to install and use one copy of the Apple Software on a single Apple-labeled computer at a time,” was what the End User License agreement displayed to tons of Windows users using non-Apple-labeled computers last week. While just a typo, it is curious to think that they simply copied and pasted the Mac OS X Safari license agreement into the Windows version without bothering to check.

Don’t worry if you were, Apple has amended the Windows license agreement, deleting the bit about Apple-labeled computers.

Via [MacNN]

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  • Rob Gibbs

    Does this sentence technically mean that you can't legally browse the web on, for example, your iMac and MacBook concurrently? Do you technically legally have to close one instance of Safari? Is this sentence also in the Leopard license agreement – meaning your not allowed to have more than one Mac turned on at a time? What happens if you are running SafariMac under Mac OS and SafariPC under Parallels Desktop concurrently? Lawyers must have so much fun (sarcasm).