Apple releases Newton, revolutionizes business as we know it

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Apple NewtonApple Computer took a turn into a new industry with the release of the MessagePad running the Newton OS, but many are just calling it ‘Newton’. The device boasts a 20mhz chip, 4mb ROM, and 640kb of RAM – not to mention a single PCMCIA-slot. When it comes to battery life, the device gets surprisingly good battery life off of 4 x AAA batteries, lasting you about 3/4 of a day.

The device is very revolutionary with its handwriting recognition and other features. The device is small enough to fit in an over-sized pocket or small carrying bag. It is also a great companion for your Powerbook. The device will go for around $1000 and is sure to make your life much easier with all of the included features.

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  • Doran

    I heart Newton OS. Wish it would make a comeback.