New Get a Mac Ad: Office Stress

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Get A Mac
Apple released a new Get A Mac ad during American Idol last night. Now online, it’s title is “Office Stress.”

The synopsis: PC gives Mac a gift, saying that now that Office 2008 is available for the Mac, Mac should have the gift. Upon opening it, Mac is confused, and PC reveals that is a stress toy. He says that because Mac will be doing a lot more work now, he will need one. The fun gets started when PC gives examples of when one might be stressed: “Oh, Mac just got the latest version of Office [squeeze] Mac can do all the work stuff you can do [squeeze] I want to transfer all my files to Mac [squeezing hard]” As the iMac still comes on at the end of the commercial, we hear PC say “Give it a squeeze!” in an irritated voice, and a popping noise as the stress toy pops.

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  • Chris Rossini

    PC guy did a great job.

    In my own experience, this is actually true. I'm very happy with Office 2008 for the Mac.

  • Adam Fisher-Cox

    I think PC is actually more likeable than Mac in these ads.