4 Reasons why Apple is entering the GPS Navigation game

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iPhone GPS
I have gotten the feeling lately, that Apple is going to get into the GPS business in a very real way. I’ve not gotten confirmation from Apple on this, but the circumstantial proof is there. There are four main reasons I believe this to be the case.

Reason #1: GPS via phone has become a lucrative market, just ask TeleNav or Verizon or Garmin. Many of these users pop for the $100 bluetooth GPS unit and a $10 monthly recurring charge. That is some sizable cash Apple won’t be leaving on the table.

Reason #2: They control access to the dock and bluetooth. The SDK does not allow any developer access to these points. Why would you lock down these access points unless you planned to control something that might use them? Surely 3rd party applications could become infinitely more interesting with access to bluetooth and/or the dock. I believe Apple has big plans for these and GPS is just one of them. Posimotion thinks they can circumvent this by running through the WiFi, you can read my interview here.

Reason #3: GPS has become nothing but software. Gather some POI (points of interest), map info and whammo you’ve got a workable GPS device. What if Apple had a partner that not only had the POI, and maps but also a financial position to serve them? Hello Google. Google provides the data, Apple constructs pretty software and the 3G iPhone with GPS has a brand new selling feature. Enough to make those that stood in line want to stand in line again?

dlo ventmountReason #4: This is admittedly weak, but check out this DLO dock for the airvent in a car. Why would you want to hold your phone sideways in your car? Gonna watch a movie ad an odd angle? Gonna answer the phone and do the taco-eating-neck-crunch thing? No. You are going to use it for navigating. Really, too odd to be anything else. I think DLO knows.

What do you think, am I onto something or just on something?

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  • Waiting

    Reasons for me not buying the iPhone are 2, no GPS and no eReader for reading books, the stuff I done on my Treo for years. When these are a fact on the iPhone I will be the first in line to buy one.
    I sure it will come, at least an external solution as Garmin for the Treo.

  • Adam Berger

    I would expect to see both on the iPhone 2.

    Jobs has basically said that he would be releasing a whole line of Touch based products — one of which seems to be directed toward eReaders, and I expect that they would add functionality to the iPhone as well.

  • Waiting

    Hmm, interesting. Do you have any more specifics about the eReader?

  • JG Mason

    @ Waiting: We've talked a bit about Apple's potential gain in ebooks over at <a href="; title="here">here. Adding e-book functionality seems like a no brainer, assuming Apple can bring something new to the game.

    I expect to see this application out of the gates from Apple at the App Store opening.

    You know we'll have more on this as it develops.

  • Waiting

    And the something new would of course be buying book in iTunes…I personally would like that concept very much.