Mossberg: 3G iPhone? Yeah, I don’t really know

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MossbergAfter the video of Wall Street Journal personal technology columnist Walt Mossberg saying that the 3G iPhone will be available in 60 days appeared on the internet last week, almost every Apple news site picked it up, assuming he had insider information. Not so fast, Mossberg says.

He points out that he was saying this in an aside as part of a larger conversation about data networks. He also makes the point that, if he knew this, he would publish it in the Wall Street Journal first. The truth is, it was just an estimate, based off the same information everyone else has.

Walt also says that he doesn’t really care when the 3G iPhone arrives, as it won’t affect his review of it at all. His 60 days prediction may be fairly accurate however, as many expect a June release for the 3G iPhone.

Via [Alley Insider]

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