Well timed Apple TV 2.0.2 update because iTunes is now offering PBS content

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Apple TVApple has just released an update for Apple TV. This update, 2.0.2, is the second one since the Apple TV Take 2, but there is no word yet on any big changes besides the normal bug fixes. It appears that this update came at a perfect time as you can now use your newly updated Apple TV to buy PBS content from iTunes. Also quietly released, this new content includes video, as well as teacher guides, from stations such as WGBH, KQED, and WETA. There are also some NOVA episodes up, making this a great resource for teachers.

There are over 200 tracks up on iTunes including interviews and radio shows, so feel free to go check them out and let us know how it is. Also be sure to tell us if you find anything new or interesting in the Apple TV update.

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