Goldman Sachs, Caris both up Apple predictions

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Hopefully AAPL can match market estimates Yesterday, both Goldman Sachs and Caris upped their predictions for things ranging from stock price highs to second quarter revenues. Goldman Sachs cited “strong Mac sales and a better product mix should offset sluggish iPhone and iPod sales and allow the company to report March quarter results ‘strong enough to satisfy the Street” when asked about their reasoning for increasing their target price for AAPL from $175 to $185. Sachs also raised their March quarter Earnings Per Share (EPS) from $1.02 to $1.09 and their June quarter EPS from $1.05 to $1.12. Surprisingly, Goldman and Sachs also predicted a total of 11 million iPhones sold in 2008, which is surprisingly 1 million more then the official Apple Estimate.

Also of note is Caris’ second quarter profit of $7.04 Billion, an increase from $6.93 Billion

Via [Mac Daily News]

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