Mother’s Day Apple Gift Guide

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iPod Shuffles

How can you really show your mom that you love her this Mother’s Day? With an Apple product, of course! So if you’re wondering what you can get for the rapidly approaching May 11th, look no more, you can find it all here!

1) Mom’s love photos and memories, so get her an Apple photo book! You know how the saying goes, “A picture is worth 1,000 words.” Gather up all those old memories from this year and put them together in a nice, high quality book that your mother can cherish forever. Plus, Apple is making it even easier with 20% of photo books just by using the promo code “LoveMom.” Just make sure you order in time so the books makes it for Mother’s Day.

2) Introduce them to the tech world with an iPod Shuffle! Only $49 and coming in five separate colors, an iPod Shuffle is the perfect way to show your mom you love her. You can load it with all of her favorites songs before you give it to her and really make her smile, too! Not only that, but they are extremely portable, light weight, and make for good fashion statements.

3) Keep in touch with a new Mac!: If money isn’t a factor, go ahead and get her a new computer. With the iSight camera and Leopard, it is easier than ever to have a great time video chatting. She will thinks it’s awesome and you’ll have fun doing it, what more could you ask for on Mother’s Day?

4) If home made is more your style, use iLife! All Macs come with great pre-installed editing software. If you want to give your mom something truly from the heart, make her a movie or slideshow with her favorites pictures and clips. They love to see that you took the time to create something wonderful for them.

5) If your mom already has all the above, give her the gift of Apple with a gift card!: Whether it be for iTunes or the store, everyone loves have the freedom to spend their money one what they want. Get your mother a gift card and allow her to choose something for herself. You can always find something at the Apple Store to spend some money on.

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  • Shawn

    I'd recommend anything before an iPod. Everytime I try to get my mom close to technology she can't understand. In the end, getting her a technological gadget is far more trouble than it's worth.

  • MOAT

    My mom's been trying to work out more often. A nice shuffle may help her along! Good tips, thanks.

  • Mark Rowland

    I'm going to get my Mom some One to One classes