iPhone sales double on O2 discount

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O2 iPhoneiPhone sales appear to be rapidly increasing, thanks to the £100 price cut on the 8GB model. A report claims that last week’s price cut has led to the 8GB model selling out in the UK. Both Carphone Warehouse and O2 are reporting themselves to be out of stock on the low-cost model of the iPhone. Mobile Today cites one Carphone Warehouse employees who reportedly said sales have “doubled” since the announcement of this £100 price drop last week.

This leaves the 16GB iPhone behind at an extremely pricey £329. If O2 would do the same price reduction on the 16GB model, I may just get an iPhone. The price cut has proven a good marketing choice on O2’s behalf, bringing many more iPhone customers. I can’t help but think this price cut is only because a new iPhone is coming very soon.

Via [Macworld UK]

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