Porta Party lets you party in a box

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Porta PartyOne piece seemed to stand out at LA Art Weekend, the Porta Party. Although the box looks like a mobile toilet mixed with an older-generation iPod nano, it’s actually a box, that people can party in. Go in, plug in your iPod, and dance all you wish. The revolutionary anti-social device created by Nick Rodrigues allows you to party without other people, a party for yourself, by yourself, in a way. Sadly, if you need to use the toilet, the maker has not installed one inside of the device. However, the feature could technically become an accessory, add-on, or included in the next version. What’s a party without a good toilet? Of course, you probably want to know how to get ahold of this amazing piece of art/device. Nick has the device available for events and more information can be retrieved on his site. Now, go and be anti-social, party!

[Porta Party] via [TUAW] via [LAist]

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  • Josh

    Does no one else see the complete irony and commentary within this Art Installment? Hehe.

  • Mark Rowland

    haha, you should see some of his other stuff. I especially love the Portable Cell Phone Booth.