A sure sign the new iPhone software will allow background processes?

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iPhone SDK Road MapAs you know, the new iPhone SDK beta 4 has recently come out, but there is something interesting about this one. Originally, developers believed that the iPhone would not allow background processes, such as receiving instant messages from one application while in a different one. A reason for this could possibly be the drain it could cause on the battery, or simply Apple just wanting to keep the device stable. However, the new SDK beta now supports the UIApplication delegate class which, according to TUAW:

“There are definitely some very interesting methods added to UIApplication’s delegate, including methods for badging the Springboard icon, and methods related to gaining and resigning “active” status – seems like background apps may be permitted somehow.”

So is this concrete proof of background processes, or is this whole idea just blown out of proportion to begin with? I’ll let you be the judge, but I, for one, sure hope that Apple will allow apps to run in the background.

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