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Let’s face it, Apple gets a TON of publicity. So much so that some sites has made feeds that exclude all articles dealing with Apple. This article will discuss two things dealing with all this publicity, why it happens and what it does for Apple.

Why does this happen? Apple makes their hardware and software themselves for the most part. This means every time one of these products gets updated, there is news about it. With so many products, many updates are bound to happen, which means more publicity. Also, Apple knows how to market a product efficiently and increase the publicity even more. They make the announcements of the devices they create huge and develop tons of hype. All this hype around the device causes it to be heard about all over the internet, news shows, etc which is bound to lead to good things. But, what are those goods things? Read on to find out.

What does it do for Apple? Publicity brings customers and customers bring money. And behind every sale there is, obviously, money. With so much hype around all of their products, even people not in the tech field are bound to hear about them. Heck, even my local news station was reporting about the iPhone. All these potential customers seeing these great products causes them to look more into and, in some cases, even buy it. Apple has mastered this and is why their market share continues to increase. People hear so much about their products that they begin to get curious, just what Apple needs to drive a sale.

What are you thoughts? Is this publicity good for Apple, or just annoying?

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