Steve Jobs on the Times 100

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Jobs is making his way towards the top

On the recently released 2008 Time 100, Apple CEO Steve Jobs has gotten hold of a spot. This is a list that is considered by many to be a list of the world’s most influential people, and the fact that Mr. Jobs has a spot on the list is only a testament to how well he has led Apple throughout the last few years.

“Jobs may be a celebrity CEO, but he doesn’t jump out of airplanes or traipse around Africa with bundles of cash. He is always in character and always on message, so much so that when late-night TV parodies him, he’s invariably rolling out some new iProduct . Jobs gets called mercurial, egomaniacal, a micromanager. If that sounds a little like a CEO doing his job, maybe that’s because he is – and a mighty fine one.” says Barbara Kiviat, author of Times’ report on Jobs

Other members of the list include Microsoft’s Paul Allen and Steve Ballmer, Mark Zuckerberg from Facebook, and tech blogger Michael Arrington.

Via [MacWorld UK]

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