iPhone grabs top position for Flickr camera phones, but what does it mean?

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Flickr ChartBy analyzing the metadata in uploaded pictures, Flickr is able to see which cameras their users are taking pictures with. When it comes to the camera phone market, the iPhone now tops that list. What does this mean? Is the iPhone that popular or does its software just make it easier to get the pictures on your computer than most other phones? If you ask me, it’s the latter. With the iPhone also being an iPod, people have to sync it a lot more than normal phones, which makes it more common to also take the photos off and put them on your computer and to the web. Another reason the iPhone may top this list is because of third party apps available through that allow users to easily upload pictures to Flickr right from the phone itself. Finally, people are able to email photos directly to Flickr from the device.

However, although the iPhone does make it easier to upload the photos in the first place, I think it also gives users more of a reason to. Despite having such few megapixels and failing in low light situations, the iPhone camera takes much better pictures than I’ve ever taken with any other phone. When held still, it takes pretty crisp photos with nice color. The only thing that would make the camera better, besides more megapixels of course, would be more features. A zoom would be nice, especially if Apple added some off those quirky Photo Booth effects. What do you think?

What are your top feature for camera improvement in the 3G iPhone?

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  • PeterVk

    Video – Flickr is cool with that now, too. And the ability to take pics in Asia by releasing the iPhone here!

  • Joe

    This is not an original