iPhone stock running out, 3G right around the corner?

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iPhone Unavailable
Apple US Online Store – reads: “Ships: Currently Unavailable”

iPhones have been in high demand recently and the lack of stock in both US and UK Apple stores is not helping the problem. The iPhone is one of the most sought-after devices of the year and both retail and online stores are having their supplies dry up. Many believe this is due to Apple’s expected announcement of the 3G iPhone next month.

Apple seems to be clearing out their old stock while keeping the demand high and people buzzing about the device, because when that 3G iPhone hits store shelves, all hell is going to break loose. I know many iPhone owners who are expecting to toss their current device in exchange for its expected 3G brethren. With a following like this, Apple will likely see a high rate of iPhone sales in the coming months – especially if they drop a 32GB version into the market like they have with the iPod Touch.

3G iPhone
Rumored photo of the next generation, 3G iPhone

Expect some big announcements from Apple in the next while, and try to stay away from purchasing an iPhone in the following weeks. You’ll either be disappointed when the 3G phone drops due to the speed, or the fact that you could’ve gotten the current version for a lot cheaper when Apple truly clears all stock.

But I want to know, do you currently have an iPhone? and will you be buying a 3G iPhone when they are released? Sound off in the comments below.

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  • rmaspero

    I do not own one and will not buy one, don't get me wrong I love Apple it's not them stopping me it is O2. Why do Apple strike 10 deals with Vodafone in every country over than the UK!!

  • Michael Yurechko


    I have no idea how Apple picks its carriers, perhaps O2 offered them more money for each phone contract sold? Maybe O2 is bigger than Vodafone in the UK? I'm not sure.

    The Rogers phone is expected sometime this year, but I have a feeling I'll be purchasing an iPhone before that and unlocking it myself.

  • Michael Yurechko

    A 32GB version would be great. Too bad the contracts are expensive, I don't even want to see what the Canadian contracts will be like with Rogers…

  • NWProf

    Not very likely…Why?

    1) I would never have ATT (alias "The Death Star") for a carrier. I like Verizon. When I make a call I need to know that it will go through wherever I am (in my state or elsewhere in the U.S.).

    2) The price of all new Apple Products is through the roof when they first come out. Patience and time heal all pocketbooks…

    3) I am not a mindless, trendy, hip consumer. I don't need or use all the bells and whistles.

  • Mammoni

    I currently have a 8 GB iPhone, I will purchase a new one only if it is a 32 GB model and 3G.

  • alexa

    I have an iphone its great but the only thing is that it is very slow at times. I cant wait for the new one to come out in colors too!!
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