Two quick reasons to get iWork over MS Office

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iWork LogoiWork and MS Office are both great apps depending on your needs and wants. MS Office is great for people who need to have compatibility with Windows users and iWork is a great addition to the rest of the Mac apps. So the question is, which one should you get? Each has its upsides and downsides, but how do you know which one will be right for you? Well, right off the bat there is a few things you can look at to help you make your decision.

1) Price. iWork comes in at a nice $79.00 whereas MS Office is anywhere between $149.95 and $499.95. They both offer the same apps (text editor, presentation maker, and spreadsheet creator), but iWork is a lot cheaper. However, they both offer free trials to see which one you like, but I imagine the price is enough to turn some away from MS Office.

2) Viruses. Cult of Mac has written a post stating that of 6 viruses in the wild for Mac OS X, 5 of them are exploited through MS Office. As far as I’m concerned, this is enough of a reason to not go with the Microsoft product. I don’t want my machine being more susceptible to attacks from simply editing a text file.

So when the day comes for you to decide between these two apps, which one is it going to be? Have you already made up your mind?

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  • MW

    I've been using Open Office ( since I made the switch from PC to Mac and I think it virtually eliminates any need for MS Office or iWork.
    Not only is it free but it offers everything you could want and is completely compatible with MS Office.

  • sfmitch

    I decided to give my $$ to Apple and switch to iWork 08. I have been happy with iWork (I am a light user if that matters). I made the switch from Office 2004 which struck me as a super ugly program that also had to be run through Rosetta (I know 2008 is Universal).

    I don't particularly like Microsoft so it felt good giving my $$ to someone else. Every copy of Office purchased puts more money into Microsoft's war chest.

  • rupps

    I think it is about standards. Gear yourself MS-Office, and you will be able to use, produce and exchange content in the REAL de-facto standard. In a fast-paced world you can't rely on document importers and exporters. You need the same program.

    Virus over MS-Office? not really an issue. If Apple's iWork become massive, you can bet there will be as many exploits as MS Office has.

    Nowadays there's an interesting approach: Virtual Machines. I use a MacBookPro as my mobile development computer. I have a Virtual Windows XP with the real, full MS-Office, Project, Visio, etc etc. Virus in my virtual machine? I just press "revert to snapshot" and it's gone.

  • PeterVk

    Office is so entrenched in business and education that iWork faces an uphill battle on a steep incline – despite its super reasonable price and awesome interface/features. Open Office and other competitors are in the same situation.

    The Windows platform in general is riddled with viruses, as we all know, but again it's the standard fare. I have to use Excel to write up report cards and track student grades, but at least I can do so from the comfort of my Mac (Numbers does a good job importing .xls files but chokes if the document is designed by leveraging elements from across the Office suite – at least in my experience).

    For many people Office isn't a choice but a necessity.

  • PeterVk

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