Apple beset by two faulty product lawsuits

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Apple may well be one of the top IT companies producing top-selling and cool products here and there, but this success doesn’t render the company immune to various lawsuits. Like any other big IT companies, Apple is hounded by several lawsuits caused by product-related issues which the company needs to settle financially.

One of these lawsuits is the case filed by some Canadian residents who purchase the Apple iPod player before June 24, 2004. Those iPod buyers filed a class-action lawsuit against Apple for misrepresenting the actual battery life of its iPod players. Apple claimed eight hours before charging, but the plaintiff found it to last for only three hours. The legal dispute was won by the plaintiff and Apple would have to give them $45 credit which they can use on Canadian Apple retail or online stores. This is reported to cost Apple around $36 million in settlement.

A similar case is facing Apple in San Jose California. This time involving the power adapters of Apple’s PowerBook and iBook computers. A class-action suit was also filed against Apple for failing to correct the problems encountered by users of the said adapters. In 2001, Apple had to recall around 570,000 power adapters due to overheating and sparking. If approved the U.S. District Attorney of San Jose, Apple will have to pay each owners of the iBook and PowerBook $79 each. This would amount to around 2.3 million total settlement damages for Apple.

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