Apple Picks up a pair of Black Pencils; cleans up the rest

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Two for AppleAt the recent Design And Art Direction (D&AD) Awards, Apple picked two of the prestigious Black Pencils. Apple is now the company with the most Black Pencils in the D&AD’s 45-year history, having won many in the past. Although Apple has only six Black Pencils (First Place) in past years, they have picked up at least one award since 1999. The most notable awards this year was a Black Pencil for the aluminum iMac in the Work & Industry category, and another Black Pencil for the iPhone in the Leisure section. Other awards include the Wireless Aluminum Keyboard which got a Nomination Pencil also in the Work & Industry category. Apple also cleaned out the Leisure category, with the iPhone at the top, the iPod Touch taking the Yellow Pencil (Second Place) and the iPod Nano receiving the Nomination Pencil. Chris Foresman for Infinite Loop couldn’t have said it better:

“While many have often scoffed at paying an “Apple Tax” for cool design, Mac users know that the care and attention to detail are more than skin deep. This recognition of Apple’s hard work should further support the fact that design matters, even in a computer.”

This is the first year in which Apple has done so well, and this year brought their win total to six. One of the main reasons why the Black Pencil is the most coveted award in the event is because in past years, D&AD have actually refused to hand out the Black Pencil due to a lack of a deserving contestant. These awards are a sure testament to Apple’s superiority in design.

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  • Mr. Pencil

    Apple is one of the top companies when it is about quality of their products or customer support service. It is pity that their products are very expensive, but quality is never cheap.