Appletell Review: Flickery, a simplicity/usability equilibrium

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Flickery: A must have for Mac-using Flickr regulars

Product: Flickery
Link: Flickery
Price: Free (still in BETA)
Rating: 9/10

For those of you who are regulars on Flickr, there is a wonderful new image client for Mac. Flickery, from Eternal Storms software, does it all. Well, not everything, but it does most of it. All within this little app, you can view your Photostream, your contact’s Photostream, upload new photos, delete photos, download photos, comment on photos- you name it. I only have a few gripes with the program. Check out the video review.

Video by Mark Rowland
Thanks to Adam Fisher-Cox for the Appletell Intro

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  • Matthias Gansrigler


    Thank you so much for video-reviewing flickery. What an honor :)

    I just thought I'd mention that you actually _can_ create new sets, by selecting your photos in your photo stream and clicking the add to set button on the lower left (in the bar where the more info button is). From there, you can either select an existing set or create a new one.

    Hope this clarifies this a little.

    Thanks again,

  • Mark Rowland

    Thanks for the clarification. I must have overlooked that.