Appletell Review: Griffin iPhone cases; ClearBoost, Wave case

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Griffin ClearBoost and Wave case for iPhone

Product: Griffin Technology ClearBoost and Wave case
Price and Availability: Both currently available, the ClearBoost is $29.99 and the Wave case is $24.99
Rating: ClearBoost 5/10 and Wave case 9/10
Pros: Both cases offered solid protection for the iPhone along with the display.
Cons: A personal issue, but they both make using the Apple dock difficult.
Overall: If you are looking for a solid case or a signal booster, then either of these from Griffin would make an ideal option to consider.

Both the ClearBoost and the Wave case ship with a clear film style protector for the display and also a cleaning cloth.

First up we have the Wave case:
This case is, while ultimately just another case that is available for the iPhone, one that offers, at least in our humble opinion some style along with protection. The case comes in a bunch of colors to include black, blue, green, orange, red, pink or white and is made out of a hard polycarbonate material. The case has a slight rubber feel to it, which makes it a little easier to grab without worrying about the phone slipping from your hand, a welcome change coming from someone who was used to not having a case.

Aside from being a little tricky the first few times you attempt to put it on, the case feels solid and will offer the protection that you are looking for. It has a cut out on the top, bottom, back and left side that allow access to the headphone jack, SIM slot, power button, speakers, dock connection, camera lens as well as the side mute and volume controls. The big drawback for me, is the lack of ability to easily use the dock that comes with the iPhone. This case, similar to most cases cannot be used, so in order to dock the phone the case has to come on and off, which is tolerable, but not what I prefer personally.

I can also say with some assurance that it will protect the phone, I had the misfortune of dropping mine two or three times while using the case. Granted it was dropped on relatively soft (carpet-type) surfaces, but the case stayed on and the iPhone stayed intact. A definite plus!

Next up we have the ClearBoost:
This case was surprisingly better than I had expected. I should clarify after giving it a 5/10 for a review, the middle of the line number comes a great deal from the lack of style that this case offers. While it seemed to work well in helping the signal, I feel that the iPhone is a sleek and nicely designed phone and the case should do that justice, which this does not. I have had this case for several weeks now and used it for a while, because honestly I did not ever expect it to work.

The case itself is made from a polycarbonate and promises hard-shell protection as well as an improved connection. Similar to the Wave case, this also offers cut outs so you can still access the phones controls and features.

There are specific ways to put your phone in a field test mode, which I did on a few occasions and was able to see the actual improvements. I however wanted to just use it, so I should say that while the testing that I formed my opinions on were very unscientific, it seemed to offer some help. I often travel a 50 mile stretch of highway that at times will leave me with the dreaded no-bars, which, as I am sure you know means you cannot make or receive calls well. Having taken this road on a regular basis, I have learned those spots and have just dealt with the dead areas. This case did seem to help in those dead areas. I did not always see an increase in bars on the display, but was able to make calls where I normally could not. The first time this worked I honestly chalked it up to coincidence, but given several more trips, some with and some without the case, it was appearing to work. To me this case was a great option to have with me, and was used for those trips, but quickly came off when I was in an area with normal reception.

Bottom Line: Griffin makes great products and in that respect these cases are not any different. If you are looking for either a stylish or signal booster case, then these should be worth your money.

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