Intel delay will push back MacBook orders

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IntelApple’s redesigned MacBooks that were scheduled to use Intel’s upcoming Montevina Centrino 2 chip will have to wait until late summer to be launched due to a delay in volume shipments of the product. This platform was expected to be launched at the end of this month, and one reason for this delay according to a Wall Street analyst was due to trouble getting the chip passed by the FCC. Bill Kircos, an Intel spokesman, added, “There were two minor issues we found during final testing – one with our integrated graphic chipsets, which we have found a workaround for but need to re-screen our parts, and second around our wireless WiFi chip, which was a paperwork and certification mistake we made.”

The two key technologies for this chip are 802.11n and WiMAX which are both still relatively new technologies, so this delay hasn’t come as a big hit to Intel. However, it is still disappointing to see that the new Apple MacBooks will have to be delayed for so long. Thankfully, they will (hopefully) be available in time for the end of the school shopping season so they will still be able to get a lot of sales. Until then, you’re just going to have to stick with the one you have now, so I hope you weren’t waiting for this update.

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