Dock Pack connects iPod dock with Micropod SE speakers

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dock pack
Got room for some more accessories for you iPod? Here’s another one of ’em uber cool iPod accessories, this time from Scanydna with their Dock Pack which combines an iPod docking station, an iPod and a pair of speakers. The Dock Pack serves as a docking, playing and recharging accessory for your iPod. Docking the iPod on the Dock Pack gives out high quality audio courtesy of a 2×15 wat RMS Class T amplifier.

In addition, the Dock Pack comes with seven inserts for the different iPod models. It also has a remote control and stereo line output if you get one of Scandyna’s subwoofer models to complement your Micro SE speakers. The Dock Pack retails for $219, but if you insist on getting just the Dock, it will burn you some good $219. Later on when you decide to get the Micro SE speakers, it will cost you $199. So, we don’t have to tell you that getting the Dock Pack at onces is a better deal, right?

Via [Yaho News] Product [Scandyna Speakers]

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