iTunes U reaches out to UK, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand

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iTunes UA week before its much anticipated Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple has announced that iTunes U has expanded its coverage to Australia, Ireland, New Zealand and the UK. This means that college and university students in those countries will soon find themselves using iTunes U’s platform for mobile learning to enable searching, downloading and playing of educational content.

For Apple, this will boost their iTunes U audience and recipients. iTunes U is Apple’s way of attracting an audience from schools and introduce them to Apple’s various gadgets and technology and possible entice them to patronize Apple’s products and services.

For colleges and universities, iTunes U is a great addition to their curricular offerings and provides a more interactive learning experience for their students. A good example of an actual university utilizing iTunes U technology as a teaching method is University of Arizona, which now offers video and animation coverage of Phoenix Mars Mission via iTunes U.

Finally, iTunes U also lets students catch up on their missed classes by downloading video, audio and other course material via iTunes.

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